Upcoming Online Course: Dance the Sacred Peace Way

Are you a peace-maker hungry for more peace? Dance, silence and music are the super highways of collective peace. They help our bodies get there and literally CREATE peace. No fancy steps are needed, but partners and small groups are! We must practice together if we are to keep strengthening the heartbeat of PEACE. Come learn […]

Mysticism and Racism

Dear friends,   As mystics, contemplatives, and peace-makers it is a challenge to be sensitive and profoundly connected to everything.  The great sorrows and soul wounds of the world are in us and we must constantly figure out when to retreat and when to engage the harsh realities that infect us all. When I was […]

I Follow the Mystic Guidance of Judaism’s Tree of Life

I love Tu B’Shvat, The Blessing of the Trees, especially since the Tree of Life stands at the center of both Judaic, Christ centered and my own mysticism.  Hear these powerful words  Rabbi Simeon says, “Mark this well. Fire, air, earth and water are the sources and roots of all things above and below, and […]

I Follow Mindfulness Practices for Self Care

I follow mindfulness practices because Maturity requires Self care With all the challenges of self-regulation I now understand why balance is such a challenge.  Health is no small matter. Blessed are we in any moment of maturity. “Humans need to intake a sufficient amount of air, water and food. Care needs to be taken with […]

I Follow Astrologer Rob Brezny

I follow Rob Brezny’s Astrology at http://freewillastrology.com/ Rob is a wonderful philosopher and humorist. YOUR ILLUSIONS Some of your illusions seeped into you before you learned to talk. Others sneaked into you later, while you were busy figuring out how to become yourself. Eventually, you even made conscious choices to adopt certain illusions because they […]