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You’re on the porch of a little hidden monastery I tend and a web home for my explorations, teaching and spiritual companionship.

My vows are

To rest in the hidden monastery of playful mystics
To bear witness and rejoice in our sensitivity
To uphold the way, the truth and the life as flower, teacher and free woman
To practice spiritual intelligence in my earth dance
To journey and come home
To serve as a natural expression of devotion and gratitude


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Spiritual Reboot for Darker Times

November 28, 2015

One of my teachers used to say “Enlightenment is like a light bulb. A light bulb blinks light dark light dark so fast we only see the light. That’s what it feels like on the inside- equal parts of dark and light.” Navigating life requires knowing how to enter darker, low energy periods. The question is how … Read more

Grateful for the Hidden Monastery

November 26, 2015

Have you been to the sanctuary? The one with no walls or doors that arises when you slow dance with the moon, look into the eye of a beetle, sense the tender touch of two hands, walk on the street among those who move in protest? Have you been tending the entry of a holy place? Keeping the candle … Read more

I Follow a Way

November 13, 2015

I follow a way. Doesn’t this make me a wayist in the lineage of mystery schools. See As I wondered about Jesus skills, I grew as a mystic.  Any spiritual genius like Jesus needs tools and disciplines. Following imagination and heart I’ve explored alternate histories for both Jesus and his followers, knowing how often … Read more

I Follow Design Principles for Groups

November 6, 2015

Following the wisdom of study and practice as an artist and choreographer, improvisor and spiritual leader I uncovered organic design principles for playing with big numbers, groups. The way to get big is to go small The way to go fast is to start slow The way to be strong is to become weak The … Read more

Coloring Wisdom from Mystic Tech

November 5, 2015

    I must be psychic. Before the current coloring book explosion, I realized that some of my art and mystic tech wisdom was appearing in black and white. I usually “journal” using sharpie markers on watercolor paper. Like this image from a dream that I call Apocalyptic Hope.   Pretty soon though I realized … Read more

The New Medicine that has just two letters–W. E. InterPlay at the Parliament PART 2

November 2, 2015

(Part one, the photo journey, is on my Monday Morning InterPlay blog.)     The Parliament of World Religions was life altar-ing for me. I came home more grounded as a woman, a leader, and activist for peace and health on our planet.   Indeed, every InterPlayer at the Parliament of World Religions made a … Read more

I Follow Rhonda Morton

October 30, 2015

I follow Rhonda a friend, a coach, an InterPlayful Movment Pattern Queen.  This blog post came through and summed up some of my own experience and history of being in OVER DRIVE! Rhonda Morton  To be or to Do? “Through my 20s and 30s and into my 40s, I was an entrepreneur, mother, performance … Read more

Online Al-Anon Outreach Links and Information

October 27, 2015

Those who descend from families affected by addiction often require ongoing support to find ease and health. I consider Alanon meetings and wisdom as essential to my health and leadership. I am happy to tell you my story at no charge. Email me at If you suffer from over-loving, over-extending yourself, or any relational … Read more