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Mystic Mastery is supported by the Universe–woo wooooooo!

I love the playful planetary timekeeping of Li.  Her version of Mayan synchronicity and star gazing is awesome. If you are sensitive to this read on!!!! News for your mystic mastery or is it mystery? Greetings Keeper of Time, This weekend we moved into Moon 4, the Moon of Form, and so in the coming […]

I’m in “The Forgiveness Handbook: The Way to Freedom, Healing and Peace”

I’m pleased that an excerpt from my book, Dance-The Sacred Art, was chosen for an empowering new resource The Forgiveness Handbook-an anthology of inspiration and spiritual practices. Contributors were drawn from previously published SkyLight Paths and Jewish Lights books including Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, William Cleary, Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, M. Basil Pennington, […]

Divining Purpose: Why Play is Key

Our Purpose is as much in our being as in our doing. When these two join in rapt love and attention…that is play. If you want to get my SIM (Spiritual Instruction Module) on Divining Purpose and how to navigate by your deepest wisdom, leave me a note in the comment. Play needs no purpose. […]

Psychic Flare-ups: When Sensitivity Gets Too Hot

No matter how in tune I am with God and the angels there are times that being gifted and sensitive gets the better of me. I joke that I need a thousand practices to keep my cool.  On the other hand “loosing it” is part of the dance of life.  The question is how to […]

The time is NOW. Live from mysticism. Play like Crazy. Gentle your soul. Wise up your earthways. Some things are not as they seem.

What are your next steps?  Come play with me.  A lifetime of practice has put me in place to create a space where you do not have to explain being an embodied mystic and artist of life, a clown, a minstrel, a seeker, and a leader. Draw close to a high desert dotted with pinon […]