The god tags of my heart

Anita Bondi Rocks.  She has been making jewelry with InterPlay Body Wisdom words. I commissioned one for my spiritual practice…three key elements: CREATE, PLAY, REST.

Click here to see it.  

I wore it today to teach Praying the Body at Pacific School of Religion. I had everyone write down what their body wants.  They shared what surprised them and how it relates to their desire to take the class.  Then I showed them my necklace. “This is what my body wants, ” I said.  As I touched the necklace the rest circle was smallest, but also in front.  Then came play, like the creamy center that it is. Create, my word for all contributions, is biggest and broadest.  I noticed that I could flip rest over and hide it.  But, after hearing the wisdom of the clergy, students, and rabbi in the class I think that rest needs center stage on the western front if we are going to find our sustainable balance as spiritual leaders.

Thank you Anita.  I love it. These are the god tags of my heart.


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  1. i love it! god tags / dog tags. xoxox leah

  2. Anita will offer FREE shipping on any orders to the Mystic Tech tribe through summer 2012 on my etsy site.
    just punch in the code MTsummer2012

    now, let’s all CREATE more. PLAY more. and certainly REST more.

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