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You’re on the porch of a little hidden monastery I tend and a web home for my explorations, teaching and spiritual companionship.

My vows are

To rest in the hidden monastery of playful mystics
To bear witness and rejoice in our sensitivity
To uphold the way, the truth and the life as flower, teacher and free woman
To practice spiritual intelligence in my earth dance
To journey and come home
To serve as a natural expression of devotion and gratitude


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I Follow the Wisdom of Soul Retrieval

October 2, 2015

I follow wisdom on Soul Retrieval. Including master teacher Sandra Ingerman award winning author of over 9 books including Soul Retrieval. I read her monthly newsletter faithfully! You can find other very helpful info at the EarthLight Library.

I Follow Secret Teachings

September 25, 2015

The Secret Doctrine THE SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE, RELIGION, AND PHILOSOPHY  by H. P. Blavatsky, a woman in the 1800’s who channeled the mahatmas. Many spiritualists and wisdom experts followed her lead.  Touched by her were persons like Horace Greeley, the Honorable John L. O’Sullivan, ex-Ambassador to Portugal; P. B. Randolph, leading American Rosicrucian; Prince Wittgenstein. … Read more

Peace Needs Reinforcement! Come Dance the Peaceway tonight

September 14, 2015

Dance is not just action. It is a consciousness residing deep within the body that rises up. We are so lucky to dance. We are so lucky to reach into our body wisdom again and again and to re-member the way of ease, play, and the deep holding grace of Love that is in and all around us. Tonight … Read more

Nancy helps lead the Monday Ruby Way Online Dance Practice

July 14, 2015

I am so pleased to welcome Nancy Pfaltzgraf onto my Mystic Tech team to help lead the Ruby Way weekly class. Nancy is a gifted leader as a former ER nurse, hospice chaplain, beloved leader of a congregation in Illinois, and life long dancer of the mystic path. She has traveled with people through all … Read more

Starting Monday July 13th: Give yourself this gift—Dance and Pray!

July 10, 2015

Are you ready to literally make peace? No fancy steps are needed to engage the muscles that strengthen the heartbeat of PEACE. Share direct experiences of dance, silence and music as super highways of collective peace in this personal, in depth space for practice on Monday nights at 5pm pst. Invite a friend to join you in … Read more

Upcoming Online Course: Dance the Sacred Peace Way

June 26, 2015

Are you a peace-maker hungry for more peace? Dance, silence and music are the super highways of collective peace. They help our bodies get there and literally CREATE peace. No fancy steps are needed, but partners and small groups are! We must practice together if we are to keep strengthening the heartbeat of PEACE. Come learn … Read more

Mysticism and Racism

June 19, 2015

Dear friends,   As mystics, contemplatives, and peace-makers it is a challenge to be sensitive and profoundly connected to everything.  The great sorrows and soul wounds of the world are in us and we must constantly figure out when to retreat and when to engage the harsh realities that infect us all. When I was … Read more

I Follow the Mystic Guidance of Judaism’s Tree of Life

June 9, 2015

I love Tu B’Shvat, The Blessing of the Trees, especially since the Tree of Life stands at the center of both Judaic, Christ centered and my own mysticism.  Hear these powerful words  Rabbi Simeon says, “Mark this well. Fire, air, earth and water are the sources and roots of all things above and below, and … Read more