Entrance: Where Each Soul Matters

Are you venturing into the synchronous, spontaneous, soulful wisdom of body and soul? Do you find yourself more and more drawn to art and creativity? Hurray! These are signs of ensoulment!

Yet in times of great heart opening it can be difficult to find support in traditional spiritual communities. You may live with unique sensitivities and need a variety of creative practices to pursue your call. You may be known as a healer, artist, or a person carrying a kind of medicine. You may feel more anxiety and fear than most.

To walk with eyes wide open into the heart of Mystery is uncommon. It is not for everyone. This path can be lonely and full of self-doubt even as we strengthen our capacity to dance with the Unknown and be more human. We feel more, know more, and wonder even more what we are meant to do.  I believe companionship is essential to such a soul quest. We often need even more permission to rest and to play, crucial elements for a soul to love, live and breathe.

I tend a hidden monastery of mystics and offer a variety of levels of soul companioning and somatic spiritual support online and in person.  Click here to see what I offer.

While developing InterPlay, a practical, creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body, I uncovered tools to regulate energy, tune into purpose, access spiritual solutions and make a difference in the world.  With my integrative capacities up and running in song, dance, story, silence, and contact, I consecrated my relationshipa to community, Earth and ancestry.  Humbled at every step, I am called to accompany leaders, friends, healers and other playful mystics.

I begin by honoring my 3 directives and helping others to do the same: Clarity of Vision, Efficiency of Energy, and Courage to Love.
We learn to track multiple fields of connection and to make wise choices according to our own wisdom and our higher purpose.
We learn the practices for manifesting inspired lives in healthy, grounded ways.
We occasionally gather with others who are willing to see us for who we really are: soulful people.

Some of the things I teach include

  • How We Know Things: How we attune to body wisdom by attending to time, space, energy, and effort and claim the unique technologies we need.
  • Initiation Wisdom:  One in five people touch the challenges of human development in a profound way. I reframe awareness of the human journey through the lens of initiation and draw on maps, tools, and global wisdom to honor, bless, and credential our stages.
  • The Crazy Wisdom of Big Body and Little Body: Why it is important to free ourselves of the tyranny of integration.
  • Courage to Love: The Great Initiator. Through highs and lows I struggle to honor life on its terms. This takes courage. Being on a spiritual path, I practice the courage to love. This humbling demand increasingly puts me in direct contact with the Divine who loves unconditionally and teaches me to do the same. This is true freedom.
  • Divining Purpose: We can gain clarity about day-to-day purpose, discern the difference between gifts, calls, purpose, differentiate between inner and outer guidance, be cogniscent of shifting seasons of purpose and why it’s fine not to articulate purpose.
  • Embrace Your Gifted & Sensitive Body: How to understand and play with energy, our own & others, practice managing information that isn’t ours, and continuously activate an ethic of play and grace.
  • The Artist’s Path to Health and Healing If you choose the easiest route to health, surgery is rarely a first choice. Learn the power of homeopathic remedies like ritual, art, and play to investigate and support body wisdom on suffering.
  • Honor and Forgive Ancestors: Conscious knowledge of ones ancest-tree isn’t required to receive genealogical and spiritual support from our ancestors. However, the experience of ancestral alignment is deeply empowering. Deep listening helps us tap the fountain of ancestral energy for a blessed life.
  • Mystical High Play: Rituals needn’t be serious or elaborate. They can be conscious memorable moments of free, playful shifts in how we approach life. Discover some unusual rituals that I have loved and needed. Invent your own.
  • Earth Mysticism: Are you an Earth Body, Tree Body, Water Body, Fire Body, Air Body, a Creature?  I attune to the world tree, waters, fires, earth, and airs in and around me. From what elemental sources do you draw strength and guidance? Are there some you avoid? The force of nature in our bodies offers wisdom to those with ears and heart to hear.
  • Becoming Sacred Story Keepers: What experiences  have impacted us most? That is how we know if a story is sacred. Is this story the gift that someone needs about ordinary or extraordinary living? It is time to bring stories back to the central fire of shared wisdom.
  • Celebrating Wisdom Figures: Honor, celebrate, and share your spiritual support!  Give your guide a feast day, a party, sing a song on their behalf.

I offer 1 to 1 soul coaching, small group support, email correspondence, and retreats like the November 12-16, 2014 Body and Soul Desert Retreat at Synergia Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Move, write, meditate, play and rest into what your soul needs.

Learn about how to receive ongoing support in Mystic Tech’s Hidden Monastery

Email me at cynthia@interplay.org for a FREE 30 minute session or to ask any questions.



I’m the cofounder of InterPlay, an arts based community practice used in the US and abroad. I’ve authored books on somatic spirituality and life practice and taught at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, The Sophia Center at Holy Names University in Oakland, and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology known as the Sophia Center in Palo Alto. I studied Dance, Art and Culture at UCLA, received a Master of Divinity from the Pacific School or Religion before ordination to the ministry. I’ve offered leadership at the Sacred Dance Guild, done Doctoral studies in theology and the arts and multicultural education, been certified as an Activity Director in Convalescent Care and a massage therapist. I’m a community organizer, executive director, spiritual companion and performing artist. In other words, I’ve covered a lot of bases. I am best known for my love of life and irrepressible sense of play.—I tell the story of my more mystical credentials in Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Story.


I meet via phone, skype, and one to one. We can set up a free 30 minute session by phone or skype to explore meeting. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org or call 510-814-9584 to make a date.

Single hour long appointments are normally $85.00. Consider a reduced rate with regular Mystic Tech support at the right level of contact for you.

  • monthly 1-1 Body and Soul companionship for any given length of time or a monthly small group companion group.
  • 1-1 email support
  • monthly writings on Mysticism and Embodied Practice: SIMS (Spiritual Instruction Modules)
  • a private facebook group,
  • publication of your writing and art in a periodic Mystic Heart Wheel blog.
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