“Dying to Live Tour and Cabaret” Retreat @ High Hope Ranch,Texas

Friday May 5, 5:30 pm dinner to May 7, Sunday lunch
High Hope Ranch, Glen Rose Texas
Guided by Cynthia and Stephen Winton-Henry

with hosts Krystyna Jurzykowsi, Madeline Udashen and Hans York

Where we honor death at the sacred center of life skeldakinis1 in a magical place with beautiful hosts, great food, and good company. 

Dying puts body, mind, heart, soul in the circle of community. To live fully in the presence of death invites us to bring it all together through the dance of conversation, poetry, story, song, with the gifts of wise folk. Why not a cabaret? 

Come join the “Dying to Live” cabaret, a gathering place both solemn and celebratory where partners, family members, friends old and new, claim and share the biggest dance we do: Live and Die.

Stephen and Cynthia joke that she, the teacher in the art of being alive, helps people get in their bodies and with decades of hospice and grief education he helps people get out! Together they are learning to embrace Sister Death as holy companion and teacher in everything so as to orient to and prepare for the improvisation of a lifetime: Dying. 

The rewards promise to be rich: greater honesty, hope, joy, and body wisdom. But, because death is hard to bring up, particularly our own or that of someone we love, we need dedicated space, time, ritual and companionship to get it going. This doesn’t have to be sad. Some of us are dying to live! We might want more than a class as we move from the misnomer of individual deaths to the truth of dying in community.

solo-dancing-skeletonAre you ready to play with really living? Come if you are

  • Invested in conscious living or wondering what it looks like
  • Facing more free time and choices or have none at all
  • Regrounding your sense of purpose or feel cut adrift
  • Wondering what legacy you will leave or if you even have one
  • Facing end of life with urgency or see it a long way off
  • Seeking peace in the midst of difficult change or daily dramas
  • Wondering how to include the help and love of others or fly solo

    …or just someone who doesn’t plan on living forever.

The Dying to Live Cabaret invites our arts, spirits, lessons, and questions. Cynthia and Stephen bring resources from Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson, Ira Byock’s Four Things That Matter Most, Tina Cole Kreitz’s amazing resource– The Last Gift Box: A Present to Those Who Follow Me, Cynthia Winton-Henry’s Move: What the Body Wants, resources from Creative Aging and our decades of helping people get into and out of their bodies.


Friday 6pm Dinner, introductions and orientation

9-12      The Dance of Death
2-3:30   The Poetry of Life & Free Time
4-6         Happy Hour The Art of Legacy
7:30       The Cabaret of Community: Stories, Songs, Dances,Tellings

9-12 Song of the Soul
12:30 Lunch

High Hope Ranch is a beautiful oasis of love near Glen Rose Texas cared for by InterPlayer Krystyna Jurzykowski. Spring is one of the best times to visit. Before or after the retreat don’t miss the chance to visit the adjacent Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and receive blessings from our animal community. There is nothing like having your palm kissed by giraffe lips.

Stephen Winton-Henry, hospice chaplain, spiritual care manager, pastor, and grief educator since the 1990’s, it was losing a parent at a young age that initiated him in the need for spiritual companionship throughout life. A graduate from Foothill Theater Conservatory, an InterPlay leader, avid reader and amateur ukulele and guitar player, hanging out and playing is what he does best.

Cynthia Winton-Henry, cofounder of InterPlay, recovering serious person and host of the Hidden Monastery, a virtual community of playful prayerful mystics and artists. Having taught a generation of seminarians at Pacific School of Religion to dance and producing Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human concerts worldwide she currently teaches Changing the Race Dance Workshops and supports millennials to bring art and body wisdom back online. Her books include Move: What the Body Wants, Dance, the Sacred Art, and Chasing the Dance of Life.

Come to the cabaret, old chum? 

Travel: Fly into Dallas, Texas. Drive two hours south to the ranch.

Room preferences- Queens, kings, twins and futons, all with shared baths, made in order of registration date. 

I’m happy to talk to you about attending. Call 510-814-9584.

Fees cover housing, food, and leadership. 

Couple: private room and board 460, tuition $3-500 sliding scale
Single: private room and board 380 tuition $200-350
Futon and board: 340 single or 400 double tuition $2-350

Reserve your spot with a 100.00 deposit by calling Body Wisdom, Inc. at 510-465-2797, email info@interplay.org for a paypal link, or mail to 2273 Telegraph Ave. Oakland CA 94612.


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