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We listen to voices

Some voices are in the room. Some voices come on a page. Some are channeled. Some are felt. There is guidance. There is guidance coming from everywhere. Ask your specific question. Then listen as if someone were really there. Trust. (thanks Janie Oakes for sending this poem) A Morning Offering I bless the night that […]

The Lucky Dark: Taken by Mystery

Many mystics face dark nights. Howard Thurman, Mother Teresa, Henri Nouwen, Jesus? Saint John of the Cross wrote, “In the lucky dark no light to guide, except for my heart this fire inside.” Darkness is The Great Teacher. Yet powerlessness, loneliness, loss, and great rivers of rage, grief, and despair run deep. We suffer. Can […]

Sacred values drive behavior

Unfortunately they also drive us nuts, into walls, over the edge, and into war. What is our deepest value? In deep wonder about this question  I’ve launched The Sacred Stories Project. I want to discover for myself the influence and importance of Great Love in our lives.  I’ve begun to gather people to listen to […]


If you knew the secrets of life you too would choose no other companion but love.  -RUMI The secrets are somewhere between the turban and the twirl, inside the socks turned inside out, under the river and up the tree, head in the cloud, saint in the sky. Stop looking. Empty being.

Salvation: How shall I know what to do?

Sleeping on an air bed in Santa Cruz, I awoke from a dream. I saw a piece of paper and on it was my “soul contract.” It said something like “Share Somatic Wisdom.”Soul Contract is not language I use, but  I remembered that Carolyn Myss wrote a book called Soul Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential. […]