Welcome to this Hidden Monastery. I’m dedicated to visionaries, mystics, healers, leaders, scholars, contemplatives, fools and artists in the Divine Dance of Life. 
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Were you guided here? Wonder what’s next? Were you born to honor soul, life and death and to guide others to the same?  Interested in spiritual intelligence and how to speak to your visions beyond the psychological model? Are you called to honor your ancestral DNA with all of its horrors and hopes? In search of the confidence to serve as an artist, healer, or spirit worker? Challenged by some gift that Spirit wants you to incorporate? 

In this Hidden Monastery we play with the Art of Being Ensouled, I cllaim body wisdom as integral to Life’s mystery, seek to speak plainly and humbly about injustice and restore our imagination and power to realize health in all relations.

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The Challenge

dancing childSome of us are born mystics. Grace is our life’s work. But its not an easy vocation. We struggle with being seen and even how to practice.

I know how tricky it is to find spaces that embrace our spiritual hunger to dance, play, pray, think, serve, enjoy humor, be down to earth and always open our hearts in community. Because of this we are often hidden. Hidden can be just a word for “too big to be seen.”  Great Love is un-pin-downable. You know you are connected to everything.  Yet, often we seem to play just to the left or right of visibillity. Here is my prayer for you as one in the hidden monastery

To bring body AND soul fully online and into the world we need art, contemplation, the technologies of divine communication, wise companionship. And today, one more thing is needed. Community. May this space serve you.

I’m in this dance for keeps. You can read about my journey in Chasing the Dance of Life. To stay lightly or deeply connected I welcome your subscription.

Or Email me directly here.   Many blessings. 

Cynthia Sig


Learn the art of ensoulment: your purpose, gifts and path!

Play and Pray: Nature’s Insanely Beautiful Way of Expressing Gratitude

November 23, 2018

Words are only one way to say thank you. Each being naturally gives back energy, love, and appreciation for life. Play, the unconditional big bodied YES to dancing with the elements, is creation’s best thanks ever. All species appear to have some kind of play capacity. Snails? Some species can’t… Read more

Ancient tale of the hidden monastery

October 26, 2018

An old story is told about the beginning of time. The universe was in the process of being created, and not everything was yet in order or fully functioning.  Before the universe could be totally engaged, the Creator had one final task to complete.  To help me complete this task,… Read more

The Deer’s Cry: A Song and Prayer for Protection in a Time of Ambush

October 6, 2018

Many of us may feel a valid fear of recurring ambush in both public and private sectors. I offer this song, a Deer’s Cry, for solace and comforting connection to deep soul. It is a ancient invoking of Christ as protector that I just discovered at a retreat at Campfire… Read more

Shana Tova and ….? Surrender

September 11, 2018

I send you greetings from Australia just as sun is setting on September 11 Rosh Hashanah 5779. I was so moved by Irwin Keller’s writing in his blog Itziks well regarding this difficult and holy time that I want to share it. Irwin is a Rabbi in Sonoma County. Ellen Solot,… Read more

Grace in Crazy Hard Times

August 23, 2018

I have a laundry list of tough things: family deaths, addictions, fires, politics, upheavals, the vulnerability of new life in a world where housing, health care, and work feel daunting. It’s too big to carry. I tell myself not to run the list but then I worry I won’t remember… Read more

July 27th —Head Up, Heart Grounded, Soul Connected, Slow, and Conscientiously Vulnerable

July 26, 2018

We are in a season of three eclipses and mercury went into retrograde yesterday. For months I have been listening to extraordinary impacts on so many of us sensitives and going through them as well. Things are happening that test us on every level.  I am more grateful than ever… Read more

I have to take time to grieve.

June 20, 2018

As a woman and a mother I know of hidden cruelty. But to see it publicly endorsed?  Action is needed, and so too is emotional and spiritual grief support for those of us too familiar with this reality. It’s a hard thing to be still, to breathe, or to even… Read more

Something Happens—The Visionary Practice of Improvising with Spirit

June 10, 2018

InterPlay began with Wing It! Performance Ensemble, our lab for performative community creativity. Wing It! continues to this day. Elders and youngers play at a high and honest level, exercising all of our personal and collaborative faculties in voice, storytelling, dance AND in body, mind, heart, and spirit. In Wing It’s… Read more