The Hidden Monastery


with Cynthia Winton-Henry


The Hidden Monastery is a space that acknowledges the Dance of Love & Grace in us all.

Great Love is un-pin-downable. Yet, everything on Earth joins its wild dance. Since founding InterPlay, I’ve witnessed all types of people uncover healing medicine in body and soul when they dance, tell their stories, sing, play, and rest in stillness. Spiritual intelligence rises. Earth talks to us. We grow in creativity, clarity of purpose, and courage to love.

If you’ve been guided here, I welcome you to check out the Free Online Dance Chapelthe gifted and sensitive body workshop,  the Art of Ensoulment Course that starts each January using the Playbook for Mystics, Artists and Sensitives, plus my occasional retreats. Email me directly if you like.

As a writer and dancing theologian I share regularly on LinkedIn, the weekly  Monastery News and in the Dancing Center Community Circulars


The Hidden Monastery hosts events, resouces and supportive services


Monthly coaching begins with a free 30 minute session on the phone, zoom, and facetime.

Guidance for Body and Soul

Discover and practice the art of living in the grace of soul with other wise bodies through the Art of Ensoulment Playbook, teachings, and Hidden Monastery Arts

Sacred Spaces

Online Workshops, short retreats, dance chapels, and special events where we hold sacred the wisdom of the body as we dance, sing, and share poetic guidance from our diverse spiritual lineages.

Places to Connect

candle power
Dance Chapels- Weekly Practice
Ensouled Creativity Studios
The Dancing Center: An Inspired Community

Kind Words


The Grace Intention

                In the candlelit temple of my heart, I worship silence and possibility. I worship solitude and simplicity.

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In the dance, Cynthia

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