12 Arts of Ensoulment

The Prime Directive: Self-Care, No Trespassing

To recognize the authority and nature of free will, No Trespassing is primary across all relations both seen and unseen, especially those we love. Entrance into a personal domain is permission-based.

The Core Initiations

One: The Art of Invoking Your Soul Team Communityteachers, ancestors, both seen and unseen uphold us. Honor them and you are on your way to supportive, sacred initiations.

TwoInitiated into Sacred Energy, empowered to move, tell, voice, and just be. Upload the unique hidden and visible forms that generate flow and connection to the wider web so that you can listen in and learn from mystery.

Three: Initiated to Divine Your Purpose–Differentiate your gifts, calls, and needs and passions. Put on your seatbelt as you activate the poetry of purpose shining through your soul credentials.

Four: Initiated to Suffer and Bow to Limits. Don’t Get Over Yourself, Be Human. We learn to embrace death and appetite as part of body wisdom. Practice the art of bowing to honor this truth.

The Three Directives: Efficiency of Energy, Clarity of Vision, Courage to Love.

Efficiency of Energy

Five: Initiated to Dance Like a ShamanDenounce Forced Integration that tells You that Bigger and Higher is Better– InterPlay Between Your Big and Little Bodyspirit, Honor Ordinary Life, and Find Serenity.

Six: Initiated Into Golden Neutral Energy. Recover from Over-Responsibility. Release What Isn’t Yours– Honor mirror neurons. Practice shaking and dancing to neutralize, cleanse connections.

Seven: Initiated to Dance Beyond Resistance Through Power Centers and Enneagram TypesRefuse To Be Boxed In! Enjoy Your Grounding Driver, Belly-Collaborator, Heart-Organizer, and Crownstar-Visionary. Take the EQ quiz to dance all nine points of the Enneagram.

Clarity of Vision

Eight: Initiated Into Soulsight Break Out of Old Narrow Ways of Seeing that Inhibit Soul.Your brain sees in all directions. Practice seeing from both your higher and your ordinary self using your mystic gyroscope.

Nine: Initiated by Flying Time: The Seer Plays in Time and Space. Demote Clockishness. Unhook old constructs of space and energy. Learn the recipe for Sacred Time. Slow down, speed up, expand and contract to create spaciousness and enjoy Life.

Courage to Love

Ten: Initiated by Sacred Hope. Navigate worst nightmares by placing yourself in good hands, practicing the art of rupture and reconnect for healthy interaction. Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

Eleven: Connect/Disconnect in Love: Activate Your Heart Mic. Play with Sacred Cords and Energy Templates. Practice tending, clarifying, and refreshing sacred cords and agreements. 

Twelve: Initiated to Come Out and Play as if Life depends on it. Trust, affirm, and enjoy whoever loves the Highest Good. Practice Credentialing other playful mystics.