What are the initiations of female elderhood?  Sharon Blackie’s book Hagitude: Reimagining the Second Half of Life gives us the lay of the land. She’s a brilliant psychologist and storyteller with a background in mythology and folklore. As soon as I read Hagitude, I started recommending it. I’m now using it to guide retired clergywomen in a monthly interplayful, ensouled Hagitude Book Circle. They love it!

Want to be in a Hagitude Circle? Are you curious about female elderhood and ready to move, voice, and share experiences of aging? Would you like to embrace the radical beauty and power of old women circling up together in the House of Elders? 

If so, this June, join our



4-6 PST, 5-7 MTN 6-8 CEN, 7-9 ET.

And 9 Somatic. Artful. Personal. MONTHLY sessions, THIRD THURSDAYS, THROUGH JANUARY.

Cost $ 35/session or $225 for all sessions @ 25/session.



The 9 sessions 


As we age, more than body parts change. Our identity restructures. We dance with death every day. We center wisdom and foolishness with less hesitation and more discernment about when and what to share.


Sessions are organized to honor body wisdom, prioritizing more challenging themes early in the sessions. 


1 Telling Menopause Stories/Individuating in Life’s 2nd half


2 Kissing Our Inner Hag: Reimagining Our Beauty


3 Greeting Baba Yaga- She who dances among the dead and brings comfort and joy.


4 Honoring Old Bone Mother, Creator of Skeletons who cleans away decaying flesh. Alchemist of the skies.


5 Learning to Wear Weirdness Comfortably as the Creatrix-Weavers of the World


6 Embodying Her as Force of Nature & Land Protector


7 Fairy Godmothering


8 Tricksters, Truthtellers/Deep Visionaries


9 Ancestoring as Spirit elders


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