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1•1•11: Creative Mystic Alert

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A blog for being one, standing with others , in the great 11111111ness.

I see 11’s a lot. So, 1/1/11 is an auspicious day to begin a venture– a blog for developing mystics.

Beyond InterPlay

With Phil Porter I cofounded InterPlay, a system of forms for playing with life. We discovered that gifts arise when bodyspirits freely sing, dance, tell little truths, rest, and connect. Sadly, these five freedoms are increasingly rare, relegated to categories of purposeless play and silliness all around the world. People may be dying without them.

Your five freedoms hold “secrets” that unlock insights, answers, healing, purpose, joy, great fun, community, happiness, memory, and connection to Something Greater.

That’s why I wrote What the Body Wants: InterPlay, a cookbook for playful embodiment. Check it out.

The secret spice? Genuine affirmation for your inherent wisdom. Kind of upside down learning in this “you-must-improve” world. Way fun!

The trouble? Body Wisdom is hard to put in words. Why? Words aren’t big enough. Plus, many influential teachers still lack experiential skilfulness, making it tricky to find grounded guides who teach a mystic’s tricks in a light-hearted down-to-earth way, inviting you on to the planet instead of off of it. After all, 2012 is NOW.

Becoming a Mystic

Maybe you keep breaking down, getting down, or coming up with the tenacious will to welcome life’s mysteries. If you seek a “tribe,” are sometimes aglow, are laughing and laughable, and rarely satisfied that you’ve found “it, maybe, you are a creative mystic like me.

I wrote Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey, to help make sense of the crazy strategies I needed while encountering god, energy, suffering, and death. Life initiated me. I had to do the work of developing my spiritual intelligence.

When you sign up for this blog I’ll send a free podcast of an early version of the book, Tales of a Suburban Mystic, set to the music of Amar Khalsa. It includes “The Lament of a Dancing God.” and “Did you see those nipples dancing around the sanctuary.”

Do you face a call to heal the SPLIT between body and soul? Curious what role Africa plays in holding on to the dance of life, and how to reconcile a crazy relationship with money? Intrigued by initiations by drowning (baptisms), transcending ancient curses, soul retrieval, or when its right to hand back ordination in order to hold the course? Better buy the book. Lots of people have a good time reading it even if they think this stuff is crazy. It’s good company if you too are the type that gets into trouble Chasing the Dance of Life!

As a gifted and sensitive body, I am grateful that I found some of the body wisdom tricks to deal with my intense, sometimes overwhelmingly empathetic life! Gifted and Sensitive Bodies is an online course that can you save you the trouble of figuring it all out for yourself, especially if your spiritual community is still resistant to words like mystic, psychic, and embodiment. Leave me a message if  you’d like to partake, and I’ll fire up Mystic Tech 101: Gifted and Sensitive Bodies.

Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned. My next blog shares the basic hardware for a mystic….things they didn’t teach in Sunday School, Temple, or PE.


  1. I love seeing you put your work out in the wide world. May the people who will benefit from your wisdom find you in some format.

    I would love an RSS feed on this site so I can follow in a blog reader. I can talk you through the process if you don’t know how to do it. Let me know.

    I raise my hand to you and dance on behalf of all life’s mysteries.

  2. julirice says:

    I forgot how similar our body experiences are…
    I so wish I lived closer to InterPlayce. I don’t think I can stay away from my hub much longer. Miss you

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