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Star Guide: Gretchen Lawlor

Breathe in unpredictability and breathe out genius, breathe in chaos and breathe out inventiveness. We will each be loving this “ease.” gretchen lawlor – interplay/astroplay seattle.

Gretchen is a great resource to me when strange stuff is going on that feels bigger than my body.

Hitting the evolutionary reset button with practices to help us play, align and gain from this almighty shift. She says,

Worldwide we are already experiencing the revolutionary spark of Uranus igniting and awakening as millions of people, starting in Tunisia and Egypt, stand up as warriors and bravely say NO to oppressive political regimes. The energy began to churn as the oil exploded from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer of 2010 when Jupiter and Uranus first connected. The intensity amplified  in the first days of January as Jupiter threw open the doors of revolution, striding into warrior Aries.

Uranus is currently a lightning storm over the Equinox power point 0 degrees of Aries, the evolutionary reset button. From Egypt to Wisconsin, ordinary people are standing up, thinking for themselves. As these millions of people wake up, Jupiter and Uranus together in Aries will jolt and spark millions more into discovering their own power, all over the globe.

Uranus begins an 84-year evolutionary journey, beginning in Aries on March 12, just before the Spring Equinox, and more planets will cluster round them in April and May. As this occurs, tension between Uranus (awakening) and Pluto (death and rebirth) will also begin to simmer – a pot that we will be watching boil through 2015. As we have just seen in New Zealand, the pressure and the jolts can also be brutally destructive.

“As above, so below ” the ancient astrologers remind us. The revolution is without/ the revolution is within. Breathe in unpredictability and breathe out genius, breathe in chaos and breathe out inventiveness.”

Gretchen Lawlor 206.391.8681 light@whidbey.com www.GretchenLawlor.com

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