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I heard the voice say, ” These are Your Three Directives”

In“Chasing the Dance of Life” I tell about divine moments that have radically shaped my life. But I don’t share the practices and technologies I found to deal with staying open to the Great Big Beautiful Weird.

Your moments? I’d love to hear how you work with voices, visions, inescapable “knowings” as you attempt to live sanely with family and community?

How do you tell the difference between a crazy-making voice and a divine one? (Clue: God’s voices don’t generally agitate for fear or violence.)

If you’ve turned off the “hearing voices” channel why not call that body wisdom since they don’t teach “Listening to Voices 101”  in Sunday School, Temple or PE?

I am happy I’ve learned to keep my mind open, question external voices, AND cultivate a child’s ability to hear, see, and sense imaginal realities. My life is extraordinarily rich as a result. I believe it is possible to develop our abilities to relate to a multidimensional, mystical world without being on drugs, losing it, or going totally airy fairy. Do you?

The Three Directives:

One day driving down the freeway, I heard a clear, neutral voice say, “These are your three directives: Efficiency of energy. Clarity of vision. Courage to love.” They came in that order. Nothing more. Nothing else. I wasn’t asking for help or praying. The voice came out of the blue as if my higher power turned a corner, caught a glimpse of me and decided to shoot me a text. Fortunately, my receiver was in the on position.

Ever since those three directives have kept me busy. In coming months I’ll begin sharing mystic tech tools for:

Gifted and Sensitive Bodies: Developing efficiency of energy as you pace yourself between ecstasy, depression, and the “normal” demands of daily life. This course includes the Focused Energy Movement Indicator test (FEBI) and a readout of your energetic style based on four movement types.

Courage to love (when you don’t): How to use Kinesthetic Intelligence in a Crazy, Suffering World. Learn to identify where your five movements of healthy interaction, how to drop a connection, find a new way to connect, and move on. Bonus: Never underestimate the body’s need for reassurance.

Flying on Purpose: Use the wisdom of your body to clarify, navigate, and accelerate your life purpose. Listen for a potent purpose to feel more like the poetry hidden in a name than a mission statement. Learn to differentiate between gifts, calls and purpose and how each affects choices, energy, and path.

Word of preparatory caution: Clarity of vision, once revealed, is tough to forget. You cannot go back. Be prepared for it’s opposite to show up. Get ready for the world to support and organize for your secret mission to manifest. Sometimes this can happen FAST! Too fast! So before you get up on that purpose horse–check your Security! What holds you upright when the ride gets bumpy? Do you have enough community support, the right practices, and divine grounding? No magic pills, gurus, mystery moments, or surgical interventions will indefinitely hook us up to the divine. In addition, it is not advisable to enter altered states without preparing one’s bodyspirit. Readiness includes consistent trustworthy community relationships, the right tools and practices, and the best help I can find outside of myself.

I look forward to sharing this journey. Leave a comment in the box about a mystical moment or tool you use and I’ll send a free gift: The Crazy Mystics Code of Ethics. Yes, Marge, there are rules for mystics.

Know someone who might like this blog? There’s a free mp3 file, Define Mystic to anyone who signs up or requests it. Thanks for tuning in.


  1. When I was five years old I had a vision of God.

    I remembered… God.

    It was the evening that my parents and I were moving into a new home. My father was finishing the packing and loading of our things onto a truck and my mother and I had gone down to (the Swedish equivalent of) the local chippy to pick up something to eat.

    As we were walking back, down the street towards our old home, I looked up at the church that was just next to the building and, being very aware that I was not baptised, I thought “Someday I’ll be baptised in that church.” Then I looked up at the sky above the church roof and I saw a star, and all of a sudden it came flooding back to me… God.

    God – like a giant supernova emanating love/wisdom light
    a feeling like an enormous choir of angels singing
    jubilant hymns that vibrates through your entire body
    making your bones sing like tuning forks
    a love that is so strong, so all encompassing
    that you melt into it with absolute joy and bliss
    love that is the most valuable substance there could ever be
    a golden white light… and a feeling of homelonging so intense
    that you could never imagine wanting anything else ever again…

    And I thought to myself, “That is where I’ll go when I’m finished here.” I didn’t tell my mother, I don’t think I could have, then, even if I tried. It was like no other experience I’d ever had, it was too big to talk about, too big for words, and I think it was over in less than a second.

  2. Alison Huse Farhner says:

    Hi Cynthia,
    I just went back and fount this in my recent e-mail; have been missing your weekly digest, and now I see that perhaps I was meant to sign up in someway that I had not noticed before.

    The “Three Directives” are powerful and I really appreciate and resonate with the way you present “wisdom of the body”, (always have) and am knowing that I need to/want to be in touch with your insights at this time in my life very much.

    Please let me know if you are continuing the weekly digest and if I am still on your mailing list, and if not, please put me back on, or if there is some other method of sign up that I need to do.

    Thank you a bunch!

    Love and Peace,


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