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Are you a mystic?

Mystics connect to all things, in particular to a felt Presence/Absence that exists beyond sight. One of the great consequence of this connection is yearning for it and as a result becoming adept at sending, receiving, communing and struggling with seen and unseen presences. In this process mystics increase comfort with mystery.

Mystics often adopt an art practice or form of continuous study to leverage the ability to interplay with the forces of universal reality.

Often a trauma, illness, or unusual event breaks them open again to the mystic path, since few adults retain the original, innocent mysticism of youth.

Once on the  mystic’s path, life INITIATES them in the challenges of suffering. Learning to suffer is key to be able to remain connected and in communion with all that is. This can be extremely difficult and evolves best in an appreciative community.

Spiritual practice for mystics needs both solitude and communal witness. Solitude is required to encounter and collaborate with Presence/Absence. Community provides grounding and embodies a fractal of the very love and shadow of Great Presence.

If you are ready and interested in tools to support you to claim and practice the art of mysticism stay tuned. I am posting 2 upcoming workshops later this week.


  1. Marijke says:

    Thanks Cynthia,

    I’m starting a vision quest in Hawaii this week, so your thoughts and prayers and workshop are appropo.

  2. Harriet Platts says:

    Dear Cynthia:

    Thanks for this blog. I had a very powerful dream about 6 weeks ago, that has reconnected me to a ‘pre-state’ of ecstatic longing in my heart, dating back to when I was 14. I felt on fire at that time for G-d, Jesus, and then terrible things happened to me, and that energy/innocence was hijacked by an unhealthy youth minister. The GOOD news is that the dream has functioned like a RESET dream, one communicating completion of a long chapter of deep intrapsychic/therapeutic work involving this minister, and a marker that I can have ‘back’ a part of me that was taken. Easter has been brilliant for me this year, like none I can remember in a very long time. RESURRECTION has become for me… RESET. If you’re not already familiar with Abbey of the Arts, the online home of Christine Paintner’s work, take a look. She and others are offering online retreats. I’ve been participating in the Easter retreat for the last 5 weeks. There are some 80 people who are doing this retreat virtually. It’s amazing. Just thinking about what it might be like if you were to offer a virtual mystic retreat. Hmmmm????

    • Dear Harriet….love this. Yes, I am familiar with Christine and YES that is on my to do list. I look forward to talking to you soon about next gen stuff. Interesting to think about how that is connected to your own passionate voyage.

  3. leah says:

    Mystics often adopt an art practice or form of continuous study to leverage the ability to interplay with the forces of universal reality.

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