Why it takes good taste to be a mystic…

Quote for the week:

“Wisdom is always taste — in both Latin and Hebrew, the word for wisdom comes from the word for taste — so it’s something to taste, not something to theorize about. “Taste and see that God is good,” the psalm says; and that’s wisdom: tasting life. No one can do it for us. The mystical tradition is very much a Sophia tradition. It is about tasting and trusting experience, before institution or dogma.”
—Matthew Fox

QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: What does this mean when I’ll eat almost anything?


  1. OK — this made me laugh! I will try almost anything once, too, yet there are those places in life where I just couldn’t eat everything that was put on my plate!! (Traveling abroad anyone…???!!) Lately, I have been experiencing a miracle by limiting a certain item from my diet. Most of the joint and myofacial pain that I have had for more than a decade is virtually disappeared in 60 days. Gluten. (Is that word etymologically close to glutton?) But, really, there is something to knowing one’s limits and operating within them. Who knows the reason why gluten causes my body to hurt?… But it does. So many in our culture are having this miraculous healing result from limiting gluten, too. Is it because somehow we are out of balance in our food production? It seems that so many processed foods have some wheat derivative in them. Have our bodies just gotten tired of too much? Why process food in the first place?

    So, weaving in and out of the metaphor… I can’t taste gluten, and I can’t trust it. But, I can trust my experience of my body-wisdom that tells me I am better without the stuff — less pain, more energy, loosing a bit of weight without really trying. It is about trusting experience…the lived experience. Just like I can trust the grand feeling I had dancing West African style with mostly young adults yesterday with sweat streaming down my back, I know — more life, more life, more life. Taste and see the goodness of…

  2. June Goudey says:

    So good to know my pickiness with food can actually be a good thing! The linei liked most was wisdom is about taste not theory. Thanks…

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