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Sacred values drive behavior

Top Love Stories No 3
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Unfortunately they also drive us nuts, into walls, over the edge, and into war. What is our deepest value?

In deep wonder about this question  I’ve launched The Sacred Stories Project. I want to discover for myself the influence and importance of Great Love in our lives.  I’ve begun to gather people to listen to body and soul, tell, and sometimes share moments that inspire them to love.

What is love? How does it affect our behavior? What happened to increase or challenge our ability to love?

For me, the feeling of love is my response to something transcendent, sacred, a phenomenon that is not necessarily passionate or emotional. It communicates underlying unconditional regard for all things.  Everyday this regard is shown to me in nature, beauty, the kindness of people and demonstrations of our collective desire to keep learning how to love.

What inspires love in you. Why is it important? Do you have a story to tell?


  1. leah says:

    thank you for this reflection. on the heels of visiting the anne frank house in amsterdam, seeing the death of moammar gadhaffi on tv, landing in the middle of a protest against the turkish government and reading books about doctors just trying to treat the poor in 3rd world country amid war and famine, i will sing “what i did for love” and will pray that true love will override war and the hunger for power. also wondering about group mentality….when people “go with” the group into war or into behaviors that don’t match our values.
    where will true love lead?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Yes. Where will true love lead. I listened on NPR to a guy talking about reforming financial practices in electing congress. Smart guy.Wrote a book. Doing his homework on listening to tea party and Occupy Movement. But, what really got me is that when he was asked why he is focused as an attorney, dad, teacher on this problem he said it was because of love. Love of country motivates. I was moved.

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