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Between the conscious and the unconscious,
The mind has put up a swing.
All earth creatures, even the supernovas
sway between these two trees,
and it never winds down.
Angels, animals, humans,
insects by the millions,
also the wheeling sun and moon.
Ages go by and it goes on.
Everything is swinging:
heaven, earth, water, fire;
and the secret one,
slowly growing a body:
Kabir saw that for fifteen seconds,
and it made him a servant for life.

One of my biggest realizations is how to dance my twoness, swinging between the big body and the little body. As soon as I can swing between them, I learn that there are myriad states, trances, entries into wonder. I can even flip my awareness, be little in my big body and be big in my little body. Swinging…is learning to fly.


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