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The Manifesting Trick

One of my favorite things to make is interesting, fun community.

Right now I am in the midst of radical remaking. I am preparing to spend 2012 teaching a lot more both online and in person. I’ve been clarifying how I want to teach.

It will be spirit-led, in other words, feel synchronous, right sized and supported by the right collaborators.

When I go out to teach I will speak in a Ted Talk kind of way–sharing somatic wisdom for individuals and groups and asking communities: What is a spiritual solution for this time?

I will offer online and in person skills that strengthen clarity of vision, efficiency of energy and courage to love for our everyday and biggest manifestations.

I will teach groups how and why it serves to be a smart and wonderful group body.

The Sacred Stories Project and Dance of Apology will be primary art projects, both using InterPlay.

When others bring me I will address 50 people or more.

When I create an event on my own, it will be effortless and welcoming of registrants at the right fee/exchange for both parties.

When the holy calls I request three clear indicators. For instance, I had 3 random intersections with Katrina Browne’s aunt who is involved with Traces of the Trade and lives in my area. I am paying attention.

As I clarify my vision I am feeling this alignment not only in my body but in my conversation with others and with my highest good. I am releasing my will at the same time as I am stepping forward.

I will seek a grounded, comfortable pace that works for me as a contemplative, a spouse, and friend.

If you are ready to manifest it is great to get all of your senses involved and feel the truth of your intention all the way through your being. The cognitive brain guy who I adore, George Lakoff, also suggests in his new book, The Political Mind, that when you visualize that you also move your body. It lights up the neural pathways all over your brain.

Right? Right!

You can try Mike Dooley’s 4 minute Manifestation Visualization technique

1.    One time per day is all that’s necessary.
2.    No longer than 5-10 minutes at a time.
3.    Imagine every conceivable detail.
4.    Feel the emotion.
5.    Put yourself in the picture.
6.    Dwell upon the end result or beyond.

That’s pretty much what I do although a lot of times I don’t even realize it. That’s when I get into trouble. Ha.


  1. Jori says:

    I thank you for your courage, your transparency, your willingness to BE your best self. Your leadership is inspiring- it raises me up to grasp my own path and go for it w/ reckless abandon – filled w/ outrageous possibility!!

    You are a GODDESS. I see you and jump for joy.

    You GO girl… All my love- Jori

  2. Sharie says:

    Go Cynthia! You definitely have my support! I am in the middle of sort of a “dance of apology” personal retreat at the moment. Definitely a heart-opening experience!

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