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Take the Mystic Tech Journey

If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go with a group.           – African parable

What is Mystic Tech?  Mystic– one engaged with the Mystery of Life.   Tech– tools to navigate life’s great mysteries found online.

Where is life taking you? It is a time of great opening. Some of us are artists, activists, spiritual leaders or wanderers. If it is true that the time of the lone wolf is over then how do we move forward as leaders and listeners to life’s mysteries?

If you seek the “next level” where body wisdom and life deepen in synchronous, spontaneous, soulful wisdom, would you like to travel the wisdom path with a few others? Would you like small guide books to help you and others develop efficiency of energy, clarity of vision, and courage to love this new day? Would you like to create, play, and rest more?

The Mystic Tech Path offers community, friendship and support through

  1. Monthly live tutorials
  2. weekly reflections and practice through youtube, emails, pdf’s.
  3. Monthly practice and writing groups
  4. 1 on 1 coaching

What if we shared our journey as mystics to

Consider your own journey with mystery. Who travels with you? I’ll be signing people up for the blog and sharing on a January 10th zipcast at 5pm pst 1 Crazy Secret That Changes Everything: What Not To Integrate. (let me know in the comments below and I’ll register you and send you the link!)  I’ll be blogging on mystical stuff going on with me as I step into this form of leadership.

Claim How We Know Things
Attune to body wisdom. Attend to time, space, energy, and effort. Claim and share your foundational technologies. Join a small group to meditate, share writing, art and music, and practice each month.

Honor Ancest-Tree: Known and Unknown.
Touch and claim the tree of lineage, both genealogical and spiritual. Acknowledge source and sorrow in our roots. Meditate on the connections of memory and mystery.

Support Gifted & Sensitive Bodies
Understand and play with energy, yours & others. Appreciate and claim how you get information from others, the planet, the stars. Know your choices as you manage information that isn’t yours.

Recognize the Four Paths of Healing
Choose the easiest healing routes for different needs. Surgery is rarely the bodywise choice. Learn why play is the best homeopathic remedy. Gather wisdom on suffering.

Divining Purpose
Gain clarity about day-to-day purpose. Differentiate between the forces of gifts, calls, and inner and outer guidance. Learn about the seasons of purpose. Do you have more than one? Learn why it is perfectly fine not to articulate one’s purpose.

Imagine High Play: What Ritual Is Needed?
Why Rituals Change the World. Why They Need to be Simple. Five Rituals that I Love.

Claim the Nature Mystic–The Body/ The Tree of Life
Meditations on the world tree, the rivers, fires, and airs in and around your body. Draw strength, Tune in. Take wisdom from Earth.

Celebrate the Courage to Love–The Initiations
Life initiates us. Those who are fortunate experience highs and lows must learn how to honor initiations. What is the difference between healing and an initiation? What does wisdom reveal about your journey?

Become Sacred Story Keepers: Why & How to Share Key Stories
What experiences impact us? Are they “ordinary” or extraordinary moments? How might we build stories back into wisdom sharing?

Research our Muses, Hags, Saints, and Wizards: Wisdom Figures
Opening to guides, seen and unseen. Introduce guides we journey with and who care for us.

Come Together: December: Mystic Tech Retreat

How to participate? Play at the right level for you by registering for any monthly webinar offered throughout the year or becoming a pioneering member of Mystic Tech with the right amount of connection for you.

I’ll sign you up and walk with you as a

Mystic Tech Member: $15/month: Tools, Tutorials, Insights Give you
• Monthly live topic webinar and recording
• Guide Books, noticing practice, youtubes, and songs to open the heart.

Body and Soul Member: $49/month Full participation includes personal coaching giving you
• Personal Coaching via email, Skype, or in person (Normally $85 per session).
• Access your primary movement pattern in a FEBI session.
• Reserved room @ Dec. 2012 New Mexico retreat!
• Small group coaching through monthly phone calls and online sharing.
• Monthly live topic webinar and recording
• Small guide books, noticing practices, youtubes, and songs to open the heart.
• A writing & art community to share and witness the mysteries of the heart through writing, poetry, photography, images, and prose.

Art and Wisdom Members: $29/month giving you
• Small group coaching through monthly phone calls and online sharing.
• Monthly live topic webinar and recording.
• Small guide books, noticing practices, youtubes, and a song to open the heart.
• A writing & art community to share and witness the mysteries of the heart through writing, poetry, photography, images, and prose.

Interested in the early December retreat? Save money by paying over time. Add $20 a month to any membership level and get the December retreat tuition at a reduced rate: $240/normally $300. (Does not include room and board.) Voila! Your tuition is paid off by the time December rolls around.

How to Register. Register for any group level on the blog using paypal. Or, send checks to Cynthia Winton-Henry at 339 Broadway #215 Alameda, CA 94501.

I guarantee refunds or changes of level at any time. Contact Cynthia@interplay.org with questions or for clarification..

Need embodied connection?
Come play wherever I am (I’ll keep you posted). I also have a limited number of Skype or in person appts. each month. Ask for an appt. at cynthia@interplay.org.

Anyone can attend the December 2012 Mystic Tech retreat. Let me know if you are interested.

Thank heaven for being the mystic you are!


  1. julirice says:

    Hi Cynthia…
    This looks luscious. Thanks so much for doing this. I will be contemplating how I would like to participate. BIG hug!

  2. Dyck Dewid says:

    I sent a reply from my phone but a couple times got errors fr fields wrong. I thought I’d corrected it and sent my intention but here’s it again in case it didn’t go thru… I seems to be able to break things easily or am clumsey about cyber instructions.

    I’m excited about the Arts & elbows pkg so sock it to me as they said on Laugh-In (60s?) when they wanted to be playful.

  3. Donna Fromm says:

    ok Cynthia I have entered in the Body and Soul Membership level….hoping i’m not in over my head – the breathing under water thing doesn’t always go well for me…so now what’s next?

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