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Mysticism births Art


Mystics need art to explain the unexplainable.

Imagery. Movement. Texture. Sound. Poetry.

There is nothing that reaches me like the art of a mystic. Hello Rumi!

This is one of the reasons that Mystic Tech’s Body and Soul and Art and Wisdom Groups are coming into being. I want a venue to play online, on the phone, and in community and to explore and share unanswerable questions and insights.

Small Groups are forming now. The groups offer a small community for witnessing, sharing, and interacting on an advanced spiritual level.

Are you curious about how to transform sensitivity into joy instead of a burden?

  • How movement, voice, breath, and stillness open unique channels?attunement.
  • Why divining our purpose and intention is potent and requires care?
  • What art forms enable “seeing.”
  • The “Am I psychic?” question.
  • How to strengthen and understand divine guidance?
  • What is the best route for spiritual healing?
  • When is avoiding mystery dangerous to health?
  • How to remove blocks in relationships?
  • The energetic effect of ancestry and legacy?

Do you wonder

  • What to do when being a mystic creates institutional tension?
  • How to engage and balance both reason and vision?
  • How to keep love flowing while suffering?
  • Which art to employ to discern specific wisdom?
  • When is a dream not about me and what should I do?
  • What to do when muses and guides overwhelm or abandon us?
  • How to play with unfriendly forces?
  • How is practicality a blessed part of mystery?
  • How to relate to and tap the Tree of Life for insight?


To participate you might subscribe to receive emails from Mystic Tech in the subscriber box to the right. I’ll send you the gift of an audio file, “Define Mystic,” an initiation into mystic life. Through emails I’ll keep you posted about single webinars and how to register for a December 4-8, 2012 Mystic Tech retreat in New Mexico.

To Become a Mystic Tech Group Member There are
Three Levels of Membership To Choose From

Mystic Tech Members: $15/ month

• Monthly live webinar and recording
• Curriculums, noticing practices, youtubes, a song to open the heart
These focus on

  •    How We Know Things
  •    How to play with energy: Gifted and Sensitive Bodies
  •    Stories from The Healing Way: Four Paths Through Deep Play
  •    How to Divine Purpose: Clarity about day-to-day purpose,
  •    What Ritual Is Needed? High Play: Creating Rituals to Transform
  •    Taking Courage: Writing Your Book of Initiations
  •    On Being Nature: Your Body and the Tree of Life
  •    Sharing Sacred Stories
  •   Muses, Hags, Saints, and Wizards: Wisdom Figures

Body and Soul Members: $49/month    Full participation and 1 on 1 coaching

  • Personal Coaching via email, Skype, or in person (Normally $85 per session).
  • Access to your primary movement pattern in a FEBI session.
  • Reserved room @ Dec. 4-8,2012 New Mexico retreat: rest, pray, play in ritual together!
 Art and Wisdom Members: $29/month
  • Small group coaching through monthly phone calls and online sharing
  • Monthly live webinar and recording
  • Curriculums, noticing practices, youtubes, a song to open the heart
  • A writing & art community to share mysteries of the heart through free writing, poetry, photography, image, and prose.

Special Offer for the early December 4-8 retreat. Save money by paying over time. Add any amount to a monthly membership level and get the December retreat tuition at a reduced rate: $240/normally $300. (Does not include room and board.) Plus, your tuition will be paid when December rolls around.

 Register to the right on the Mystic Tech blog home page or email me at Cynthia@interplay.org to arrange a check payment.

Change your level at anytime. Contact me at Cynthia@interplay.org with any questions.

There is nothing like setting off on a journey with friends!


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