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When did art lead you to see or hear in new ways?

As I grew up the arts gave “form and shape” to the mysterious passions inside.

In a high school choreography I gasped when I had an idea.

Sometimes poetry was the only way to honor my complex feelings and thoughts.

When I sang in choir I felt strangely in love.

In drawing, collage, and play with found objects I conversed with Spirit.

What are these arts, these secret languages of the soul?I wrote Chasing the Dance of Life because of my awe. It it is not about being a great artist, art is about being able to communicate with Mystery.

When did art lead you to see or hear in new ways?

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Together in the Mystery!


    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Dear Kevin, I looked at these images in the exhibit and passed them on. WOW. Talk about mystery. These are as complex and unique as what Nature herself produces. Thank you. I passed them on to friends.

  1. I was attending a sandplay conference at a small Episcopalian church and I looked out the windows, across the courtyard and into the small sanctuary at the striking stained glass windows. The combination of the vibrant color and design of the windows, the beautiful architecture and smallness of the space, coupled w/ the opportunity to kneel called to me. Receiving communion after all those years. It feeds me at the same time it remains a mystery to me.

  2. Lynda Letourneau says:

    Often when I play piano or sing I feel transformed, lifted and rearranged internally,,,,like a spiritual emotional adjustment or attunement….It’s as if Grace has passed through me and cleaned out a few of the cobwebs….

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