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ART: beating heart of Mystery

CREATIVITYSometimes an image speaks directly. It pulls, attracts or repels. Art is a mystic tongue.
This painting by Mia Bosna reminds me of my InterPlay journey. Of it she says, “You were born with creativity at the center of your being and are surrounded by lots of support. Let baby peregrine falcon show you how to build this nest of creativity.”
I am curious about falcon, a hunter and about my hunting nature. I am curious about a baby bird as a guide.
©MiaBosna2000  Visit Mia’s work at www.MiaBosna.com. Thank you Mia for letting me share your beautiful image.

Has an image, piece of music, film or play hunted you down lately?


    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      I’ve seen Pina twice. Once with Beth and Julie. Once with Phil for his birthday. I knew very little of her work, but felt a great reassurance in her emotional intensity and brilliant vocabulary.

  1. Cynthia,

    I love that Mia’s image is of a beckoning Peregrine Falcon since that is my chosen animal name.

    No surprise, mine is a piece of music: Red Rain by Peter Gabriel. Not a new song by our current human standards, but one that evades me and then haunts me. I adore it each time I hear it in any of a dozen versions.

    Playful blessings,
    Stan (aka @muz4now)

  2. Last weekend I watched the film, Glory, with Denzel Washington, among others. I wept my way through it. It reminded me how much my soul is tied to the journey of African Americans in this country and how much I miss the deep connections I’ve had with them in the past; more than that it reminded me of my calling, and that of many in this powerful year, 2012, to move forward with the work I’ve been given to do, no matter what the response of others may be—courage, courage, courage! Such a moving film to me. Thanks for a place to talk about it.

  3. Cassandra Sagan says:

    My granddaughter turned me on to the novel THE BOOK THIEF. It brilliantly takes you into the heart and homes and darkness of Nazi Germany in an uplifiting, quirky way. It is categorized as Young Adult fiction, perhaps to appeal to your Younger Self. Through this book I connected with my 12-year-old granddaughter and my own 12- year-old self and realized that my childhood was completely colored by the Holocaust in that I ALWAYS felt vibrantly blessed and lucky to be alive in a time of peace and safety.

  4. A black panther chose me for a sandtray I did recently. I looked up the symbology in Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak. “Panthers are about reclaiming one’s true power. Cycle of power: dark of the moon. Anyone who aligns w/ the panther will begin to develop a greater depth of vision–more than psychic sight it is an inner knowing. The panther has very strong hearing. To those w/ whom the panther links comes the ability to hear the communications of other dimensions and other life forms.” I always wondered about all those voices inside me! Lila

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