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Relationship of InterPlay and Mystic Tech

I am proud to have cofounded InterPlay with Phil Porter. Since 1989 InterPlay has served as an active creative approach to unlock the wisdom of the body. It is applied by individuals and groups in dozens of cities around the world.

Facts: InterPlay

  • is comprised of twenty-six creative forms and ideas.
  • cultivates five means of soulful wisdom: movement, voice, story, stillness, and connection
  • helps to playfully reintegrate body, mind, heart, and spirit
  • fosters health, peace, and community.

Through classes, retreats, and a Life Practice Program, participants learn how play may be more effective than working on issues as they apply InterPlay’s 8 Body Wisdom Tools.

  1. Easy Focus: Wheeeee
  2. Body Data, Body Knowledge ,Body Wisdom: Notice, Notice, Notice.
  3. Inner Authority: Believing What You Notice.
  4. The Physicality of Grace: Noticing the Good and Have More of It
  5. Exformation: Getting Rid of the Icky Stuff
  6. Body Wisdom Practices: Practicing More of What You Want
  7. Incrementality: We Get Into Trouble Into and Out Of Trouble In Tiny Steps
  8. Affirmation, Affirmation, Affirmation.

With this foundation diverse people at all levels of ability discover how to

  • dance, sing, act and speak on behalf of others
  • open and close as bodyspirits
  • welcome one another with open hearts and minds
  • attune to “higher” wisdom
  • cultivate gifts
  • make life and healing more fun
  • affirm people to be exactly where they need to be

These abilities correlate to historic spiritual and religious practices used around the world. It may not be surprising then that as individual body awareness increases, InterPlayers can become more sensitive to unique capacities.

Additional skills are desirable if we want to develop as intuitives, artists, dreamers, healers and wisdom keepers. We want to discern

  • what is our purpose and how can we stay focused when our purpose is difficult
  • how are we to engage with challenging energies?
  • how are we to play with suffering, grief, rage, and injustice?
  • when does an individual need self healing and when is community support required?
  • when do we need to call back lost parts (soul retrieval)?
  • what is the path when we’re in over our heads?
 Mystic Tech is designed to support to those desiring further study, play, celebration, tools, rituals, and grounding as wisdom keepers and artists of life.
Mystic Tech is not a program of InterPlay or its non-profit, Body Wisdom, Inc. Mystic Tech is a platform for sharing ongoing research and practice in creativity, spirituality and bodywisdom.

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