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NickNames for God….and the winner is?

Rob Brezny, author of Pronoia and astrologist extraordinaire wants us to play! He writes,

The Russian word for God is “Bog.”
The Basques call the Supreme Being “Jingo.”
To purge your psychic dockets of built-up fixations about deity, you might try singing improvisational prayers to “Jingo Bog.”

Here are a few other fresh names to inspire you:
Blooming HaHa
Divine Wow
Sublime Cackler
Chthonic Riddler

Lets give Mystery some nicknames!
Oh! Java my soul!
Oh! UnZipper of the Zumba Lala!

If you find your mystic and psi-kick flags waving and want support at how to play with all of this, Mystic Tech may be for you. Try a one on one session? The packets that I send to monthly members will be available soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Claire-Elizabeth says:

    When praying, the nickname I use for God, when I just can’t decide who/what/if she/it/he is:
    To Whom It May Concern

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