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Free Call on Clarity of Purpose

Gather with me Sunday night May 20 at 5 pm PT to practice a way to differentiate between a “call,” “a “gift” and fulfilling your purpose. I plan to call be at home in my condo and if you come on a few minutes early I will share my lagoon from my deck!

To move through life with a sense of poetic purpose it is important to notice what “pulls” us into and away from listening to the poetry of our own voice. Purpose is more like a muse than a mission.

I believe
1) you don’t need to know your purpose to live it.
2) my human purpose and divine purpose needn’t be the same.
3) A general purpose for a mystic is to Create, Play and Rest.

On the call….

We will brainstorm our gifts

  • Name things people say we are good at.
  • Identify Gifts we enjoy and Gifts we don’t care about using….

We will brainstorm calls: things people or the divine call us to do: tasks/jobs/assignments including

  • those I have completed and to which I no longer connect.
  • those to which I still emotionally connect.
  • calls to which I currently respond.

We will remember a YES moment when it all came together, dance to remember it,  and catch key words as they come.

The Call will be Sunday May 20 a 5pm Pacific Time. See below for instructions and link.  


It’s just fine to call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (267) 507-0002
Access Code: 446-620-758
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
Remember it takes a couple of minutes to get inside the room. Give yourself time. I’ll be on at 4:50.

Love Cynthia

Mystic Tech blog
Skype: cwintonhenry

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