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Going where spirit leads

Where is the spirit leading you this summer? I’d love to hear!

Some of the places I’ve been invited to show up include…..

Wandering through the butterfly exhibit and the National Shrine to Our Lady of the Snows in Saint Louis.

To my father-in-laws grave in Taylorville Illinois.

To teach at the Association of Professional Chaplains with my husband and colead  The Secrets of InterPlay in Racine at the Harry Potter Hotel.

June 24th to teach “It Takes a Village” with Masankho Banda at the The Bodhi Center in Chicago.

In July to wander among the creeks and pines of Northern California at my cabin and attend the annual small town fourth of July parade to ring my freedom bell!

To lead a five morning July 8-13 “Praying the Body” Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA. There is still room!

To  swing by San Diego to share InterPlay with SAMSA professionals who care for Women and Girls in Addiction and hopefully play a little ukulele with George.

July 24-30 I’ll embrace the heart of the InterPlay community at our annual Board Meeting and Leaders Gathering in Grensboro, NC in a beautiful state park where we’ll discern and share hilarity about where the wisdom of the body  is going next.

August begins with Birthday week. My entire family got born the first week of August: daughter, husband, dad, and brother. THERE WILL BE CAKE!

I am thrilled about the magic brewing for the August 6-13  Arts and Social Change: InterPlay for Millennial Leaders group. A dozen young people will undoubtedly take my heart to new places.

Won’t I need the August 13-15 InterPlay Camp in the Redwoods at River’s Bend? Won’t you? The river, the quiet, and easy going meditations on “Creating Village” will hold me.

Heaven knows my cup will be full at the end of this season of teaching. So I plan to take a big drink of solitude through September. And if all this activity freaks you out, it has been freaking me out too.  I will be discerning about this and staying in contact with those who love and support me. And thankfully, sharing ALL THE LEADING!

Please check out December’s first ever Mystic Tech Retreat Dec 4-8 at  Synergia Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico where desert stars call us to create, play, and rest. Move, write, meditate, play and do exactly what your soul needs you to do.  

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