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Violence, Trauma, and Bodily Healing

“The Trauma informed workplace” was the closing address at “It’s All About HERR” a national conference for leaders working with Women and girls with substance abuse. Trauma is taking center stage in the collective unconscious. Perhaps because of the growth of mental health and the governmental role in healing vets we are seeing the impact of violence on body and soul. The toll of trauma reaches through generations.

Treating body and soul requires more than medicine. I turn to Sandra Ingerman’s teaching on the ancient practice of soul retrieval for guidance.

Next month I will talk about the wisdom of soul retrieval on a free call and include it in the monthly module. Email me to find out how to receive last month’s module on Body Wisdom and Healing.

Meanwhile, I’m reading a recommended book by Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, a hopeful vision of what the body knows about this.

Sandra sent a message to her community responding to the Colorado murders. You can get on her list at SandraIngerman.com

I ask our global community to join our hearts together to pray for those who lost their lives in the shooting tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. May we wish them a peaceful journey back home to the transcendent realm of Source.

Let us join our hearts together to hold in love those who lost loved ones during this tragic event.

There is so much violent behavior in the world today. And it feels so close to home as we have the media to inform us of the tragic deaths occurring throughout the world.

The times we live in are very challenging and the stresses of life and all the change have an impact on people’s mental health. It is so important to continue to deepen our spiritual work to be a vessel of unconditional love and light that can hold the collective during these times.

As we can continue to build a strong inner world and continue to cultivate our inner garden we will be carried through the times ahead. This is key to thriving right now.

With love and blessings! Sandra

I am off to the east coast to be with the InterPlay national board and join the wise bodies of the InterPlay community.

Ever grateful for the remarkable wisdom of body and soul!


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