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SHHH=seen, heard, held, hugged

Dance Movement Therapist Suzi Tortora uses the acronym ‘SHHH’ to describe the concept that she says runs through the heart of all the work she does. “Everyone needs to be Seen, Heard, Held and Hugged,” she explains. Misconceptions are inevitable when we rely solely on verbal communication. Learning to use our eyes and ears and hearts to connect with one another can help us move past the misconceptions we project onto other people and cause us all pain.

article from Christine Simek, Phillipstown.com

Grateful for another great body wisdom slogan found through the Musings of a Dance Movement Therapist blog that pointed me to an article on a dance movement therapists work with kids.

Generations of dancers have been rebuilding the road of dance healing. Thank you all! Especially as I focus on healing and mystic body wisdom in my July and August Mystic Tech SIM cards. Yup, that’s right….Spiritual Instruction Modules.

The lingo of Sim Cards is the noun meaning “Subscriber Identity Module card: an electronic card inserted into a cell phone that has personal information about the subscriber.”

SHHH reminds me of the InterPlay slogan: Never Underestimate the Body’s Need for Reassurance. Let’s see, that’s NUTBNFR. Great practice. Lousy acronym.

Got a body wise acronym or slogan up your sleeve? Share it below!


  1. Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia says:

    The Mother of family therapy, the Bay Area’s own very wise woman, Virigina Satir, deeply understood this SHHH principle.

    She said:
    ‘The recommended daily requirement for hugs is: four per day for survival, eight per day for maintenance, and twelve per day for growth.’

    She is reputed to have created another awkward acronym by which she decided what she would participate in: IIAFFI which stands for “If it aint’ fun, forget it.”

    Virginia Satir’s book called the New Peoplemaking is one of the few lay books I know of that describe what healthy families are and do. I sometimes give it as a baby present.

    So, fun and hugs to you!

  2. Celia says:

    I have an acronym: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), which is that thing where I flit and flutter from thing to thing, rather than letting myself sink deeply into the “now” of a moment because I keep thinking there’s something better somewhere else. The practice of Witnessing has really helped me temper this trait. Now, when I find my brain skipping ahead to the next shiny thing, I go into Witnessing mode and simply experience what (or who) is right in front of me.

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