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Meet Yogadoganada

Animals are spiritual teachers. Do you have one? Want to share their picture or something you’ve learned in the comments?

Christopher (Saint?) is my Yogi. As my teacher of inner outer balance I affectionately call him Yogadogananda. I am grateful to Sharon Pavelda for capturing his essence in this icon.

Here are his primary teachings:

STRETCH: In sofa dismounting I s-t-r-e-t-c-h springy hind quarters so I can chase GREEN BALLS and because it feels good.

GREEN BALL IS HEAVEN! Green Ball requires PLAYMATES for chase and fetch, the meaning of life.  Provide service by selecting random strangers to throw GREEN BALL.

GO LAY DOWN. When not on “WALK,” lay down alone or with someone to create grounding, connection, and affection.


                CHALLENGES As a “Rescue Dog” I have to manage some old anxiety. Life is unpredictable, but I am optimistic.

I spent time under house arrest when Alameda Police quarantined me for nipping a neighbor. After family behavioral retraining from BarkBusters I no longer needed to take charge. My master did it! Woof! I still get  irrationally agitated by other dogs when onleash. Offleash, no problem. Duh.


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  1. Barbara Toshalis says:

    My spiritual director is Bodiesitva! We love him and he is always able to be enthusiastic, from the Greek for “spirit.” He can become anxious but does not worry, just desires to be one with others, including squirrels and humans, chipmunks and the occasional fox. We learn devotion from him as well as unconditional love.

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