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Freedom: The Ground of Your Soul

Souls are free. That’s why I love Free Spirits. Bring em on! You know who you are.

Fostering freedom, my life purpose, is a condition for soulcare. A healthy soul is the most powerful intelligence on earth. And exactly what is needed in challenging times. I teach this because it is what I most need to learn.

The freedom of the soul is seen in spontaneity, synchronicity, and surprise. This is why play and improv are great training. Humans find the security to be seen when there is the right balance of agreeable structures and lots of permission to experiment with the WAYS THINGS WORK. Phil and I designed InterPlay with an eye to our own soul care. It’s not overt because we know that a soul stays away from voyeurs and meddlers.

How do you and I manage our wild freedom when love and intimacy is what we want? I meet with people asking this question every day. Many are cracked open, flooded with life and love, or “gifted” with direct access to Something Vast, Mysterious, and Ever Communicating.

Mystics know the One Great Rule. NO FORCE. Force, the opposite of freedom, is a control strategy to design new worlds by eliminating choices. It’s fun to Play God but the cost is a tendency to go against nature, our Ground of Being. My personal good idea of how to operate doesn’t work as well for others.  A better approach to designing worlds is to offer choices that allow people to play in the right way for them and to spend lots of time playing myself. PLAY is the studio and gym of the soul.

FREE WILL and willingness is crucial. We’re on an adventure to freely embrace or resist life in all its horror and glory. In the process some systems try to dim our lights to protect us and even deny our freedom.  This can make us sick. On the other hand earth and heaven offer ready-made structures. Through trial and error sensitive, visionary people learn to “ride the bikes” of body wisdom and find best practices to manage all the Free Woo-Woo stuff.

Being a mystic with feet on earth and head and heart touching something larger, I manage a heightened sensitivity to increase peace and joy, and to be of creative service. I pay attention, to my body data, body knowledge and body wisdom.  When I can’t find love and grace I hunt for a simple doable practice that can work for anyone. Why would nature make it too hard?

I share the doable ideas and practices that I practice in the Spiritual Instruction Modules. I create a new one each month. Some people subscribe to get them as Mystic Tech Members. Some people get a monthly consultation each month as well.

The August Module shares

  1. How I think imagination works for mysticism as SoulSpeech.
  2. A Mini Etymology of Mysticism to discern if the arts are our real Mother Tongue?  Maybe you’d have some words to add to the dictionary.
  3. An article on the link between shamanism and psychotherapy.
  4. Lenore Noorgard’s wisdom on soul retrieval.
I found some other great clues about shamanism and earth wisdom at http://www.earthlight.org/2002/about_issue46.html

If you are keen to learn about soul retrieval, freedom and SoulSpeech join me September 23rd Sunday at 5pm on a free Webinar. Just keep this email and then click on this link.  or call in at 1(213)289-0012 access code 518-202-014 to participate.
Time is accelerating. Wooosh. Soul is the place of breath and song and spontaneous joy. I feel gratified to share that blessing with you.

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