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I passed a soul exam!

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It happened when I drove through Death Valley…

I knew I had passed a final exam. I felt peace and love in my partnerships and pride in what I’ve  contributed. To pass I had to let go of a lot including my Mom and my level of expectation of work, family, faith, and friends. I had to claim my embodied gifts of joy, spaciousness, and deep connection.

Crossing the valley I heard myself sing

You’ve got to walk that lonesome valley.
You’ve got to walk it by yourself.
Nobody else can walk it for you.
You’ve got to walk it by yourself.

The last few years were tough. I thought the stars and planets had it in for me as I relentlessly confronted the big D’s like Dementia, Death, Depression, Doom, Debt, Desire, Divorce. Could I let go into something deeper, put body and soul first as a 50-year-old after accumulating 30 years of focus? Mystic Tech arose from this question.

The answer grew as I moved toward the Divine, another D word. I got a spiritual director, updated my marriage vows, prioritized family, began serving others on their spiritual path with the help of InterPlay and Alanon to ground my creative contributions, play, and rest.

Then, I conjured up a sneaky sabbatical, slowed my pace, added a personal retreat, sincerely sought advice of elders, and opened to the blessings of Mother Nature.

The big surprise? All this was my initiation as a meditation teacher. I hadn’t realized that I have tracked “a nonjudgmental mindful presence” for 30 years. That is the definition of mindfulness. I discovered that something I thought I was lousy at is something I do well. This reminds me of being a young artist. I couldn’t claim something that I revered. Then, I realized that it is not how well you do something it is how you spend your time that tells you who you are. I claimed my path and title: Artist.

This all came together when I rested and received the blessing of the Mother. Back home, my friends said, “You look… settled.”

What is it to be settled, but to be at home in one’s skin and in love with the human enterprise of abiding a beautiful life on Earth. Settled  means bred-in-the-bone, confirmed, deep-rooted, deep-seated, hard-core,  instilled; inborn, inherent, innate, integral, intrinsic, natural; accustomed, enduring, lifelong, persisting.

I passed through. I don’t expect this little glory to last, maybe just long enough to imprint the memory on my tissue. To go through a big initiation is a PASS-AGE not a destination. In the meantime, I rejoice in eating the fruits of holy joy, space, and bountiful connections in a time when frenetic anxiety runs the show. I am glad to unhitch from that wagon.

I hunch that many miracles lay just around the bend as we sensitive mystic bodies cultivate our  body wisdom and nurture the courage to love in inspired service.

I am on the look out for playmates who want to build upon their embodied creative practices and refine the ways that love might more effortlessly support health, beauty, and change.

If you want to see my Diploma, it looks something like this.

Hope to see you on the free webinar this Sunday at 5pm PST.


  1. Harriet Platts says:

    Congratulations, dear one. So appreciate your continued articulation of your experience, as it helps me to name more clearly some of my own experiences. I’m REALLY looking forward to ‘sinking’, ‘returning’ to myself, in retreat with you and others in December.

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