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Untangle Those Heart Cords

Don’t you find the tangle of phone, computer, and whatnot cords a bit irritating? When we want to direct energy it must travel along paths. Energy doesn’t really care if the cords are tangled or kinked up like a hose. Energy is patient. It just is. But our body knows when energy backs up, blocks up, or gets confused! The body knows when connecting cords are plugged into the right socket, grounded, and attached to the right appliances.

Your heart is a beautiful appliance, if that is not too demeaning of a word. The heart bonds and works magic. Mystics claim its guidance. Saint John of the Cross wrote, “In the lucky dark no light to guide, except for my heart this fire inside.”

My heart is very happy right now! In this months SIM, (Spiritual Instruction Module) I focus on Heart and Soul Connections that are visualized or felt as cords. In the 30page document I look at Body, Soul, and…

  • The way of love
  • Love as Emotion?
  • Courage to Love
  • Fostering Soul Love
  • What About Love Pain?
  • Love and Sex Addiction
  • Rearranging Heart Cords
  • Heart Retrievals
  • Love Clues in Poetry
  • What love means to 4-8 year olds.

As always each module includes additional goodies, too. Mystic Tech members subscribe to get a SIM each month. I regularly meet with some folk to support their mystic journey. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I have spots open for new people to explore this approach or if a single session is needed for support.

October 21 at 4:45pm I am offering a brief exploration of Heart Cords on a free visual call. 4:45 PM PDT at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/2960514542
microphone and speakers (VoIP) and a headset is recommended. Works on ipads and iphones, too. Or, call in using your telephone. Dial +1 (213) 493-0605 Access Code: 296-051-454.

Contact me at cynthia@interplay.org for this month’s Heart and Soul SIM. 20.00 or 69.00 with a personal session.

Curious about the Body and Soul: Tracking Spirit Retreat near Santa Fe. Call or email me to see if this is right for you!






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