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Your Mystic Collaborators?

Great collaborations are mysterious. They may be brief or last a lifetime. A collaborator could be a sponsor, teacher, friend, animal, spouse, archetype, or a holy one. Who are you in spirited cahoots with?

Trish Watts and I met 25 years ago. We gradually discovered that we could tune into each other without technology, trusting our bodies’ ability to sense the other “online.” I am also glad for airplanes, skype, and the phone. Being together in real time, she has empowered my solitude, voice, artistry, and prayer life.

Would it surprise you to know that I have 1000 collaborators, so many that I don’t even know their names? Is that what happens when someone goes gaga over the Whole She-bang? You learn to play with whoever is there? You may even have to say NO or practice boundaries with this LoveFest.

What is your body wisdom about being on a spiritual team? How do you know its a spiritual connection? It may not have anything to do with religious institutions or spiritual practices although such forms can focus our search.

I say, listen to the body. Mystic Tech is designed to strengthen spiritual health and body wisdom. To do this it helps to have collaborators and friends.

I am honored to be on a team with Trish. Check out this beautiful video where she shares her path. You can get in touch with her through her  Oceana VoiceMovement Therapy Website.


Thinking about the Body and Soul Retreat in New Mexico? Hmmmmm. Some amazing collaborators are waiting for you there!


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