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Your Spiritual Instructions Should You Choose to Accept Them

Who is on Your Spiritual Team? Do you connect with that Team and discern what to do with any of the various energies that play with you, cord you, waft over you, buoy you, infuse you, whack you, drain you or inform you?

Would you like more sophistication in discerning and describing the ways body and soul “hook up” and engage spiritual support?  Are you curious about coming out of the closet about how you connect to divine support? Would you like to know what a difference it can make to get more support?

Mystic Tech members form an affirming circle to listen and notice body wisdom and creativity as it relates to our deepest purpose.  Join as a Basic Mystic Tech Member and receive this months 25 page SIM, (Spiritual Instruction Memo), a one page InterPlay handout on practices for Teams using voice, movement, story, stillness, and being: our 5 freedoms, and a related  “goodie.” See the paypal subscription choices at the bottom right.

This months SIM includes

  • A PraiseSong: I Am on Your Team
  • Who is Your Spiritual Team?
  • Say Hello to the Spiritual Internet
  • The Hyperlinks of Breath and Pulse
  • Energy Waves? Psionics? Bioplasmic Streamers?
  • Connect and Disconnect Your Energy Cords
  • Disembodied Connections: Invited? Uninvited?
  • Basic Energy Agreements for All Relations
The Body and Soul level Mystic Members (49.00 for those who join this year) also receive an hour of monthly spiritual direction by phone or skype. If you would like to explore this option I offer a free 30 minute complementary consultation. Just email me and we’ll make a date. cynthia@interplay.org.

I am excited about the upcoming Body and Soul retreat December 4-8 as a contemplative and creatively alive time for tracking with the Holy as we close out 2012 and prepare for the Great Turning. Your voice, movement, stories, stillness and soul will help you unwind, attune, and have fun in the company of other grounded mystics.

I’m taking a deep breath as we move through the next few weeks of heaven knows what. I am turning my attention more and more to spiritual solutions and the artivism of visionary leadership.

Blessings,  Cynthia

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