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Radical Embodiment: Are you ready?

The “hour of God” is here. (Isn’t it always?) Yet, right this minute the challenges are great on inner and outer levels. The way through is called hope.

Many mystics are beginning to demonstrate a radical embodiment that we call spiritual or mystical because we haven’t got another way to describe the process.

Personally, I am just beginning to touch a new resource in my brain. I’ve never accessed it before. Was it always there?  It feels different than my 3rd eye or easy focus. I’ve begun experimenting with how it promotes radical embodiment. In my upcoming November S.I.M.(Spiritual Instruction Module) I’ll share the prophetic dream that first alerted me to the divine activation of apocalyptic hope. Seeds have been planted that are now starting to grow.

I believe that radical embodiment is most importantly a physical process. Can I hear a “DUH!” Notice the blue words below.

Hope comes from the radical embodiment where we do not escape humanity. We love humanity. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is a constant practice of befriending ourselves in order to enjoy love and mercy for all.

Radical embodiment requires practices that unite us with the Love that holds us well. What are your practices? Listen to what your body wants. Do things that feel good both now and later. In InterPlay, where I have found the most beautiful teachings of the wisdom of the body, we practice the physicality of grace to change the world.

I tend to constantly scan all levels of experience and attach to disorganized actions that stop the flow of love, mine and others. This activity is too much for me. My spiritual friend and director, Connors McConville advised that 3 things are necessary: To dream, to play, and to trust.

These three actions are at the heart of the Divine Feminine. They are not product oriented. They are “opening” behaviors. Imagine a mother who loves you dearly. You are a true innocent in her presence. (Look into the eyes of a dog, a cat, or a young child to know what I mean.) What does she want for you?  To make your bed? Maybe. But mostly she wants you to know a spacious happiness that allows you to passionately create as you contribute beauty and kindness. She wants you to rest in love. She wants your joy. She sees this as true success.

Who around you has this quality? That is radical embodiment. Humble, open, playful, and hopeful even in desperate circumstances. If you have known the opposite this is helpful, too. Thank every teacher, both negative and positive whenever you can. Human confusion points the way to hope’s embodiment.

Radical embodiment clearly requires that we play or improvise in order to move easily with inner and outer changes that are coming fast. Laughter is a sign that we are able to play. If it isn’t easy or spontaneous, find a way to practice. I’m teaching How to Improvise Your Life, a short workshop that gives basic practices and wisdom on how to play and improvise at work, in family, work, and creative life. Just one or two of bits of practices can make a huge difference. There’s one coming up next Saturday.

Radical embodiment uses the word NO as a complete sentence. Say NO to destroyers of grace in one word. Let the rest be through actions. The fewer words the better to radically embody hope’s new way. (A mighty practice for me!)

Radical embodiment involves practices both cool and warm. I bow to Andrew Harvey’s guidance in The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism. If it is right for you, I’d love to hear if you resonate with his ideas.

Many many teachers have prepared us. We’ve studied, prayed, and opened our hearts to the wisdom of Divine Love. We are relearning and committing  to dance, sing, tell our story, and be still. We submit to being disillusioned about our own solo powersand know the poverty of ego. We don’t abandon our humanity but bow deeply to life in humility. We trust that we are on a Sacred Path even when we don’t understand why or where we are are guided.

And we are often completely overwhelmed. We struggle. How are we to SHOW UP in this time?

Let go. One way to do this is to ask someone you trust to pray for you. Ask me.

In the upcoming SIM the practice I’ll focus on is the art of letting go. This is not an abstract idea. It is physical. Letting go requires releasing into the ground of being. I’ll actively inquire with my guides about how to let go and what to do when we do. I’ll share some pretty hilarious dreams and images of learning 21st century technologies and having to let go! Do you have “letting go wisdom” to share: a story, teaching. or practice?

Join me on the next Mystic Tech webinar or call on Saturday November 17th at 9am PST. at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/862879862 or Dial +1 (213) 493-0603 access 862-879-862. ‘ll describe the brain space that could provide an upgrade on our navigational abilities. And we’ll look at practices of letting go and letting the divine.

Lastly, it is important for leaders RIGHT NOW to listen, playfully practice radical embodiment, and engage supportive cohorts who encourage this development. Mystic Tech Membership is one place to share practices, visionary art, meet online and in retreats like the upcoming Body and Soul retreat. There’s a few more spots open if you are meant to come. Let me know at cynthia@interplay.org

Do you know someone who is restless in their spiritual growth. Point them to Mystic Tech. I offer free half hour consultations to newcomers and ongoing free contact through this blog.




  1. leah mann says:

    dear cynthia, i am currently feeling radically hopeful. i just cleared all my emails with “hope” as the first word in the subject line….hope needs to be released to the masses!!!! i also note that sentimentality of the past makes the hope for the future process go a little slower.

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