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Touching your own soul

You are your soul. Are you in touch? What happens when you are? Our soul force, as Gandhi called it, has our true power. I see the difference when I navigate from this place. Do you?

This coming Saturday and again January 12 I’m teaching an InterPlay workshop, How to Improvise Your Life. This is not about “feelings” or trying to “improve.” Its about finding our own body wisdom to utilize our greatest power, the power to play. Register for this Saturday November 10, 1-5. Two for one with a friend.

I’m also performing with Phil Porter and Wing It! that night on the theme of Red, Blue, and Purple. Get some dinner and come see how a group can improvise.

Join Saturday November 17th, 9am PST on the free MYSTIC TECH Call.

“How to release your grip on certain things and touch soul.” Another way to say this is to breathe, open, and say yes to reality. This works best in companionship. Are you getting a match for your dancing soul? Learn about the brain space that connects to soul. Play with letting go and leading from the divine.

Click on this link BEFORE 9am PST on the 17th.  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/862879862.
Or, use the phone at 1 (213) 493-0603 access code 862-879-862.

There are a few spaces in the upcoming Body and Soul retreat, an open retreat for anyone claiming body and soul.


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