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Holy Pause

I take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.

photo by Carlos Colon Sr.

Later this week I’m offering a new SIM (Spiritual Instruction Module) on the Secrets of Trust and letting Go. I’ll include a revised essay, A play primer from a recovering workaholic” where I pay homage to spiritual practice and talk more directly about struggling with control and addiction.

Letting go is an action. We do it both naturally and by choice. Sometimes we just grip. When there is a lot of change we feel it. Change is not just on the horizontal plane of cars, computers, and home. Change is in the stars.

For years I have listened in on Li, a Keeper of Time. After a major accident followed by a long time in bed Li found herself paying attention to time. She started learning about the Mayan Calendar and gave attention to the stars. She created the Keeping Time Calendar to move back toward an embodied, mytho-poetic understanding of time. Here is what she sent today:

If you’re a watcher of the dark before the dawn, you’ll see Venus and Saturn rising together in the east for the next few days. Venus is the brighter of the two, while Saturn is a bit yellowish. Jupiter is at opposition all this moon, rising bright in the east as the sun sets, and shining throughout the long nights.

So, have you been loving yourself well? Doing what you love, in the ways that you love to do things? Loving who you love, how you love them? Even if you may have felt a bit of edginess a couple of days ago…

Major shifting energies alert for Monday into Tuesday. Now we go even deeper! For those in the know and up on the lingo, Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio then Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn as we shift from the Dog wave into the Night wave in this Moon of Selfhood. Oh, did I mention that Mercury goes direct on Monday afternoon, and that there’s a Full Moon in Gemini penumbral eclipse on Wednesday morning?

Said another way, this is a time of passionate and deep, authority-instilling, foundation-shifting, transformation, that begins to change our ways of thinking and communicating from the inside out. There’s a range of how this could go, depending on where we’re at. To the extent that we try and control ourselves, situations or other people, tempers could flare as it’s just not okay any more for us to be controlled or controlling. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s a lot of energy and passion available for us to be dedicated to renewing our personal story, to coming home to ourselves.

Create the space to turn inward, to feel your desires, and to allow the intensity of your experience of self to be given its due. This is the source of your true wealth and abundance.

I have been in a stew the past week or so. Don’t know if it’s the stars or the flu.  But, as a person who listens in on all levels, I honor change and growth in and around me. Transformation?

If you are interested Li offers a Datebook Journal for 2013 and a *free* Audio for Moon 5 of this Year with Moon Spirals to print out at
http://stargazerli.com/calendars/skywalking-storm-year.  It happens to be a skywalking storm year. Right?




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