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The Art of Ensoulment: The Mystic Journey

Where do mystics gather?
In the market by the pomegranate stand?
At the foot of the Great Tree?
At the portal of the Gateless Gate?.
In the corner cafe?
In the hidden grove?
Where do mystics hang out?
Where do we offer devotion?
At the altar of our lives.
What do we do there?
Sing, dance, breathe, listen, tell our stories.
Where do we go for support?
To whomever we are led.

It is not easy to live with this burning bush in my heart that constantly resonates to justice and mercy alongside intense survival instincts that also demand their due. Yet I must honor my humanity to find the specific wisdom needed to maintain and mature the inner fire of Love.

As life initiates us in its glory and ordeals a few people go it alone, fully letting go of worldly ways. But, I know I need structure and belonging to relax and loosen my grip. A loving witness is stabilizing. Having a spiritual director and mystical wisdom community turns the world green.

I think this is the path of the Divine Feminine. The feminine does not go alone. Connection is HER essence.

If you are in search of soul companionship consider meeting with me and a couple of other playful mystics in an I AM pod. Access your pod from wherever you are. Is that not way Mystical!?!

New groups are organizing now.

Click here or Email me if you think this might be right for you.


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  1. Cynthia – I love all that you are doing, at least those things that I can understand. The others I trust are wonderful too. I’d love to connect with you by phone to help me figure out a plan for how I can stay connected to mystic tech. Right now I’m recovering from the flu and getting ready to go to join Glenda’s retreat group in Texas this weekend. Can we connect by phone next week?

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