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My question is this

My question is this:
Would you describe yourself
as a wanderer, a friend of the court, amicus curiae,
falsely construed as a snitch, a blue yodeler, an
apostate, a lost cause, a bird in the house, a
biter, a common blogger, a contender, a purse
snatcher, a false witness, a palterer, a silkie, a
backyarder, channeler
for malevolent spirits, girt in the loins, figure on a
shard of black pottery, moderately active, a fog
machine, a visionary miserabilist, a chook or a
cuckold, a roundhead, a little seditious, a
slow-wave sleeper, a dead mule, a gongorist,
honey on the comb, half goat half god, a white
throwback, crossed with a mongrel, a genesis, a
retired fighting
a doll

From the poem Obscurity and Selfhood by C.D. Wright.

Do I dare describe myself? I try. Then I say…..who cares.

If you are a mystery to yourself there may be others who want to play with you. Have you found them/us?


  1. Beverly Voss, aka, Verlene says:

    ON reading this poem, I have a bout of most scurrilous linguistic envy. Fie!
    I’m a little seditious and a slow-wave sleeper. Baby, baby, oh baaaabeeee!


  2. Dyck Dewid says:

    I play with myself you know… but yes, there are others- including cautious ones. Like the occult, this mystery, not being common is mostly resented, denied or feared, not spoken about or shared in experience. It’s so personal, and in my novice state I have humble and gratifying usage of it in spiritual pursuits. I feel it developing, welcoming.

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