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What is it like to live as a mystic?

tree dancers

What would it be like to keep your spirit open to synchronicity?

To feel balance in your body and really know your own soul?

To have witnesses support you at your level of spiritual development?

To trust yourself to wield mastery and power as a lover and mystic?

I believe the future depends on healthy mystics who know how to tap divine love and transform suffering through creative practice and wise care. At the same time we mystics undergo initiations. We know…

  • abiding Presence alongside unfulfilled, restless longing
  • bouts of otherness and loneliness alongside intensities of community
  • visionary insight alongside darkness
  • energy depletion alongside ecstatic overwhelm
  • saintliness alongside haunting limitation
  • creative surges that counter social frameworks
  • paranormal forms of knowing alongside ordinary experience
  • authority in an unorthodox extravagant love alongside challenges in worldly love.

The mystic life is designed to touch the holy. Yet, modernity clashes with our hungers. So we sit in back rows of great halls sensing poverty of instruction for experiencing the Holy and wondering what to do and where to go.

It is important to identify the initiations that propel us to embody and ensoul our truest nature and freedom. This requires more than healing. It’s a continuous dance with our expansive self and our small, humble self. We are not required to meld these realities. You and I can be many things in the great InterPlay of Mystery. This is one of the big secrets of true mystics.

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What does integrity look like, then?

The Tree of Life offers the universal symbol of deep organization. When all is well, the tree that of our body finds grounding near living water in good soil. We sink our roots deep. This needn’t be geographic. Our stature rises up in free flowing symmetry to embrace earth, air, sun weather, animal and sky. Leaves and fruit bloom and fall in season as we grow, loses limbs, age, die, and foster new growth.

To connect to the Whole of the Tree of Life we need other members in order that we may deepen, stabilize and be fertilized. This is a feminine approach. No need to rise up and go alone. Only together do we go far.

What would it be like to say, “All is well with my soul?”

Our lives are initiating us to embrace the limits of matter, energy, time, and space. In the process we surrender to No time–No being–No energy–No place,  being Nowhere and Nobody as we move from fright to Life as the Tree.

I’ve been tracking tree wisdom for years. I’ve even become a Tree. (One of the benefits of being an artist). This month I prepared a Spiritual Instruction Module Booklet on Initiation & The Tree of Life. To learn about receiving this Spiritual Instruction Module (SIMS) and how to join the Mystic Tech Journey (real people playing together online and in person)….



Costume designed by Julie Baron of Julie’s Tea fame in Alameda.

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  1. Rob Morrell says:

    Dear Cynthia –

    Your words and wonderfully poetic descriptions resonate with me this morning, on this my 62nd birthday! And they echo the images provided us by mystics from many traditions across the millennia. Thank you for the gift of these words on my birthday!


  2. Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler says:

    For my mystical comment I’m sharing a fake video. In my ‘video’ I’m showing you a large metal slotted spoon with a worn pink, hard plastic handle. The words “Greetings from your milk hauler, LeRoy Wright,” are worn off the handle. This spoon came to me on my wedding day at Camp Menno Haven in November 1981. In our notice about gifts, my husband-to-be and I urged people to consider giving us something to re-use or recycle. Rosy cheeked Aunt Barbara was the main one to respond to this notice. When we unwrapped Aunt Barbara’s gift, along with new silverware, we also found a collection of used and still usable items from her kitchen, including this slotted spoon. Today my husband scooped a poached egg from its steaming water bath onto my breakfast plate, using Aunt Barbara’s gift to us, which was LeRoy Wright’s gift to her.

  3. Jolynn Gibson-Jacobs says:

    Hi Cynthia, I clicked on this article after doing an image search and it brought me to the picture you are using with the tree and wolves. I found it attached to my 5th great grandfather who was Cherokee with the name Edward Sylvester. I’ve been searching for the significance of this and what it could mean, if anything. If you could help me I’d be very grateful. Thank you ~ Jolynn

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Hello Jolynn, I am curious. In the image I see the tree with two humans. Do you see wolves? I wonder how it is attached to your grandfather as it seems to be a contemporary image. Perhaps you are being guided to connect with me for some other reason? Tell me more.

  4. Shelly says:

    I am a mystic and psychic and I’ve felt all the qualities your list says.

    I would like guidance on finding my place in the world. For the last decade I have worked on my childrens book.

    All I have done is dedicate myself to personal growth and the more awards I win, the more classes I attend, the more I know of my mystical self, the more I don’t fit in with society and the more I struggle to figure it out.

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Hi Shelly, I get it. The challenge of finding community is daunting when our unique gifts, sensitivities and challenges are considered ‘other.” The othering of psychics is parallel to other forms of othering. This makes it even more necessary to find community and a common language among like-minded creative souls. If you are interested, I would suggest the dance chapels as one space which you can find above. I would be happy to meet with you for 30 minutes to say hello and connect if you are interested. https://cynthiawintonhenry.schedulista.com/

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