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Spiritual Crises: Where do you go?


A break through to the transpersonal sphere can feel and look crazy. We struggle between ordinary consciousnes and Ultimate Love. How are we supposed to navigate this continuum? This is where a mystic’s initiations begin.

Willigis Jager, Benedictine and Zen teacher says in Mysticism for Modern Times,

By and large our theologians are at a total loss when someone comes to them who has broken through to the transpersonal sphere. People who have had a spiritual crises or an authentic mystical experience and seek assistance in sorting out that experience will be far more inclined to visit a psychologist, psychotherapist, or non medical practioner than a priest or pastor. A study shows that only about 20 percent of those people seek out assistance from their church. Clearly, the majority of people do not consider the churches particularly competent in such matters. This is an alarming situation.

My mystical experiences began early. The church lifted up Great Love, but direct encounters with the Divine were rarely addressed. While I’m grateful for integrating faith and reason, when the Greater Mystery overcomes me I may think such problems are a problem. I need guides, gifted men and women to help me navigate the spiritual path, people like Jack, my high school Sunday school teacher who never turned away from my questions, my high school dance teacher, Pat, who recognized me as a dancing mystic and pointed me toward the UCLA dance Department, Rev. Mike Fink, a campus minister who alerted me to the Pacific School or Religion and paid for me to attend a workshop with future teachers. In seminary, Flora Wuellner, an author on prayer became my spiritual director. Phyllis Magal gave me the tools of the Berkeley Psychic Institute to manage sensitivity and heal. And, always dance, song, and stillness fed and helped integrate soul in my ordinary life.

As I mature I need spiritual support more than ever to have a strong enough ego to offer leadership and at the same time relax my grip on varied roles, expectations, resentments, the increasing presence of death and disease, my role in the world’s suffering, and the insecurity of change. My current spiritual director, blessed be he, practices InterPlay, Buddhism, somatic therapy, psychic tools, and follows Christ. Together we witness and love my soul. His insights and guidance are balm and vitamin.

This uncommon gift of companionship is what I seek to offer at Mystic Tech: companionship for body and soul. I had no idea it would bring me such great joy to nurture my own soul and support others to do the same. Perhaps I should have known….I’ve been doing it all along.

I am forming small groups for prayer, witness, and practice now. I also offer one to one companionship, personal retreats, and a library of resources for those who are interested. CLICK HERE to Learn more.

February 15th is the deadline to publish your art or writing in the new Mystic Heart HeartWheel exhibit. I am very excited about the pieces that are being submitted. There is room for MORE. Email me at Cynthia@interplay.org or leave a comment below if you are interested.




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