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In Search of the Year of the Snake: Guest Post by Chris Zydel

IMG_0080I sometimes paint with Chris Zydel who runs Creative Juices Arts:
Creativity As A Path to Spirit, Joy, Healing And Transformation at her studio near InterPlayce in Oakland. She also offers astrology and is a therapist.  In other words a “crazy mystic.”

I am writing a SIM (spiritual instruction module) on the Rainbow Serpent, available in a couple of days to Mystic Tech Members.  The men and women I companion online are in touch with their bodies. Snake energy is a universal connection to earth and human power. Chris has something to say about this.

How will you embrace the Year of the Snake?

from Chris:

In Chinese Astrology, it’s the year of the snake, and the snake is one face of the dark goddess. Snake energy is about going into the hidden places, unearthing the secrets and bringing what has been taboo and forbidden into light.

One of the biggest taboos that women face at this moment in history is the fear of their own power. And the willingness to own that power.

The thing about taboos and keeping things hidden is that there is tremendous energy required to keep things under wraps.

Energy that is no longer available to us for creation and movement and life.

Which is what happens when woman keep power in the basement of their psyches. The energy that could be ours, IF we cleared away some of the ancient fears that still reside in our hearts and minds around the issue of power, could truly change the world.

But I think that before women can fully embrace power, they need to go through the process of redefining what power means to them. To begin to recognize that power doesn’t have to be destructive but can also be a healing and creative force in the world. To remember from a place deep in the ancient soul of the divine feminine, that not all power is hurtful or abusive.

True power is simply how the life force moves through us. It is life affirming and life enhancing.

It’s a way of being as much as it is something you do. Our sense of power is something that feeds and fuels us. It’s something that is at core what allows us to bring our gifts into the world.

There are many different kinds of power that women ALREADY know and are capable of claiming, like the power of love, generosity, kindness, caring, and support.

But there are some other forms of power that women are somewhat less comfortable with, primarily because they put a woman at the center of her own world.

Which is exactly where we are meant to be.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite positive manifestations of sacred feminine power. It’s not exhaustive. And I’m sure that you can add many more of your own. But it’s a good place to start.

The Power to Protect

Women need to feel their fierceness, strength and anger. To know that they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe. That they have every right to create boundaries that will be respected, and if they can’t be respected, then it’s entirely legitimate for them to fight back, walk away or get whatever help they need to keep those boundaries secure.

The Power Of Desire

Women need to know that it is totally valid for them to want whatever will make them happy. That their desires are valid and worthy of attention and respect. That wanting doesn’t make them selfish or shallow but actually feeds them and fuels them and allows them to craft a life of their own unique and authentic design.

The Power Of Choice

Women need to experience the deeply felt potency of being able to say a clear and firm YES to what they do want and an equally clear NO if something doesn’t work for them. No excuses. No apologies. No explanations.

The Power To Act

Women need to know that they can take their visions and desires  and make them into something real and tangible in the world. That it’s perfectly legitimate for them to not only BE but DO in a way that is effective and produces results. To experience the joy and sense of agency that comes from taking focused action in the service of their creative desires.

The Power To Shine

Women need to claim the wildly luminous radiance of their souls. To KNOW and admit and remember deep in their bones how beautiful and amazing they are and to no longer be afraid to proclaim that beauty and that brilliance in a million different ways. To unabashedly and with total delight blaze into the world as the supernovas they were always meant to be.

Chris Zydel
Creative Juices Arts
Creativity As A Path to Spirit, Joy, Healing And Transformation!
Copyright & Permission Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved

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