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Curator of heart and soul! I launch the Mystic Heart Wheel Exhibit!!!!

One thing I have learned over the years as a teacher and companion is “It’s all IMG_0245about YOU!” It’s a spiritual discipline for me to follow and listen.  Why?  I guess I have a lot to say, love to perform and resist feeling powerless. I’m trained to know what to say.

When is listening easy? When I’m with Mystic Tech companions. I love seeing friends shine and revel in witnessing the wisdom of body and soul. I’m a curator of the heart, collecting beautiful people and creating spaces to develop and be seen. Nothing gives me greater joy.

That’s why I decided to offer a quarterly Mystic Heart Wheel Exhibit. Say it fast and it sounds like mystic cartwheel!

Our first online exhibit is dedicated to my heart-throb, The Tree of Life! “O, Tree Why Do I Love Thee?”  It features guest artist Melanie Weidner and the art of Mystic Tech members Lauren Carley, Sheri Hostetler, Harriet Platts & me.

Visitors will see a small, but heart-felt gallery of poetry, photography, art, and a wild conversation between Eve and the Snake!

So please, come,

Enter here!

Want to be part of a future exhibit? Join Mystic Tech for just five dollars a month. You get access to my resource library and a prayer space with members on a Private facebook page, Learn more here.

Know someone who would enjoy the exhibit. Like it on Facebook or share this link http://mysticheartwheel.wordpress.com in an email.

If you are new to this blog add your name to the email list and I will let you know when I launch the June 1 exhibit.


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