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Miss Me? A Wee Mystic Tech Surfacing

IMG_4232 Here I am. It’s been a wee while since I’ve posted.  Do any of us really need to stay posted  all of the time if on a mystic level we are always connected? Maybe I should say, “Mys me?”

In March I traveled to Frankfurt and Edinburgh to teach InterPlay. Magical moments included dancing on an old bridge to an accordion player, looking through the eyes of the 12 year old who painted city scenes right after the war in Germany, and a strange serenity that sustained me all during my travels. What grace!  Then one night I awoke with a powerful message in my pelvis for someone else and dreamt of dropping down off of various parking garage levels in my car. Is that the way through? On a distant Scottish Isle I shared this with my host who reported that the first chakra can ALWAYS heal. I needed to hear that. Human life is ridiculously resilient. Just look at all of us!

Back home, jetlag kicked my butt AND, I stepped into a new art studio.  Another reason my writing slowed down a bit. I love that wabbit hole!

Meanwhile, I did put up my primer “O’ Soul-o-me-O!” on youtube, my thesis statement on the improvisatory soul!

Enough about me. Want to know what is really exciting? With each person I companion in my Mystic Tech practice something profound is mystically moving: clarity of vision, efficiency of energy, and courage to love. The simple recognition and alignment of the soul is creating new power.

If your soul, leadership, or  bodyspirit yearn for such witnessing go for it! I too meet with a spiritual director to attune to my soul. Sure enough, I am unfolding more creativity, simplicity, and capacity to follow Spirit. Body news? I am a lot more humble about how well I am doing. Compassion?

There’s space for a few more guests on my calendar. A 1-1 time can be playful, embodied, and rich even across cyberspace. Make a retreat with me in Oakland or in your area, either online or in person. Do consider the Body and Soul retreat at the end of November in Santa Fe, November 27-December 1.

The next SIM (Spiritual Instruction Module) is in the works on Fear, Rage, and Love Initiations: The Blessed Body Wisdom of Sacred Virtues and Sorry Sins, in other words tackling being a human with high ideals. More soon.






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