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May the Fourth Be With You!

Today is World Wide Star Wars Day. As we all know Yoda Rules.

YOda_900Are you a friend of Yoda?

Since last I blogged I’ve been reviewing wisdom on being gifted and sensitive. This is different from being wacko and controlling.

Are you a creative, intuitive empath? Or crabby and depressed? My outrageously gifted Mystic Techie friend Leah Mann at lelavision says, “I am claiming brain rest.  mind rest.  heart rest.  In a few days i’ll be back to my usual self which means by 2:30 every day I feel the need for an exorcism.  At that point, I claim insensitivity, un-sentimentality and greta garboteetertone_lelavision syndrom (I vont to be aloooone) to in effect make a boundary between me and the world.    ….seems to do the trick.   Softening my focus, huge sighs and shaking is also great in the midst.  (InterPlay tools for the empaths, intuits, therapists, pastors……etc etc).   Eating/ chewing/ biting/ separating  is also a way to create boundaries for the extrasensory type. But maybe more lightening way to claim boundary would be to form my own personal cloud technology to download the data i don’t bury in the garden.

Love it! Yoda’s alter ego.

A lot of us are going crazy, right? I propose that it’s because we’re 1-in-5! One in five humans are gifted and sensitive. We stream way more information. Kind of like how dogs hear and smell stuff the average person won’t.  (Salute to yogadogananda!) And hey, I think this is all nature’s idea. Sensitives are designed to help communities stay attuned. Hooray for creative, dreamers, healers, artists, psychics, and wisdom keepers aka hags. (Mary Daly was ahead of her time!)

Downside? SUFFERING!!!! NOT FITTING IN!!!! NOT FUN!!!!!!

Are you a 1-in- 5? Click here to see.

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May the fourth be with you!


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