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Computer-Users Prayer

Technology is like technique. You get what you put in. Techno-wise I need help, help, help. That’s why I’m creating a computer users prayer.

isodoreI found Saint Joseph remarkably helpful when I’ve tried to sell or hold onto property. So when the Vatican named St Isodore the Patron Saint of Computers I thought a “people’s prayer could be handy. He got the job because in the 6th century Isidore wrote ‘Etymologies,’ a type of dictionary with structure akin to a database. He also began a system of thought known today as ‘flashes.

Tell me what you like or might add to this prayer. I might edit it and make a sticker for my devices!!! Seriously folks. We pray for everything else, don’t we?

Blessed Saint Isidore, Bishop and Scholar
who lifts body, mind, heart, and soul
bless and protect me online
in love, learning, joy, and service.
Fill my inboxes with good news and
Lead me to do the same for others.
Grant me patience in inconvenience.
Keep me from posting in anger.
Support the synchronizing, updating
and deliverance of my devices from
viruses, evildoers and crashes.
When systems slow me down
let me drink this life so freely given
that I may be ever grateful
for the breath, beauty, and
creative spirit that connects us all.


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