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Body Wisdom Keynotes!

Its time. Do you know of a group that is ready to consider straight forward ways to integrate body, mind, heart and soul, demystify our reactions, and better respond to the complexities of living. Through an easy, fun-loving style, I use stories and simple practices to show audiences the ways we can find greater peace, creativity, and health through body wisdom. Want more or less experience. I love to present as well as guide experiences!

“Your keynote set the tone perfectly for the weekend. It provided food for thought for the old timers, and was a wonderful icebreaker for our newcomers. The ideas you introduced wove through our entire event.” Terrence Keane, Spark Collective. Marketing Director, Berkeley Repertory Theater.

Welcome to The Spirithouse “When did you last tell your story?” Indigenous elder. In the Spirithouse there is room for faith and no faith, the simple and extraordinary, the recognizable and mysterious, the contemplative and flamboyant, the funny and sad. Learn ways to listen in on the sacred messages among us. Whether or not we can articulate what we know we can honor the holy, witness Spirit in others and enter the Spirithouse, our bodies.

Human Sustainability: CPR for the Planet: Create, Play, Rest Create a more sustainable life by focusing on what the body wants: 1) Create and contribute for ourselves and others, 2) Remember How to Play  3) and Rest.

Healing the Split: Body and Soul I demonstrate why we need to release the myth that we aren’t integrated, that integrity means ONE thing, that self-help and healing are the primary path. Explore how our own body wisdom seeks to offer us the healthiest life possible.

Finding The Peace Tree. The Tree of Life transcends time and religions. It connects our common roots. I show audiences how to embrace the tree in our bodies, care for the roots, strengthen the trunk, and support the movement of branches and hands/leaves to bring the peace tree to life and release love’s oxygen to the world. “The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” Book of Revelation.

The Three Directives To inherit wisdom in body and soul we receive challenging initiations on the spiritual path. In my case, a voice announced 3 directives: Efficiency of Energy, Clarity of Vision, Courage to Love. I share the ups and downs of learning how these powerful instructions outline areas for development in the hope that others may also benefit.

Lifting Candles to the Mystic Path “In the lucky dark no light to guide, except for my heart this fire inside.” The spiritual path and the way of the soul responds best in candlelight, and indirect approaches. Follow me down the garden path the ancestors took through voice, movement, telling tales, breath, touch, dreams, stillness, and noticing.

Ancestors and Spirituality Many of us are stumped by ancestry. What is our family story? Why is “honoring elders” a golden rule? How do our own patterns, preferences, memory, and inherited talents connect us to our forebearser? Learn how honoring our ancestors strengthens prosperity and spiritual living.

The Dance. There is a dance of life beyond steps and competitions. Find the grace and the invitation to dance with creation. I show audiences how to take the first step-take a deep breath….let it out with a sigh and move with ease and joy from there.

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