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Are you a top down or whole body integrator?

Mind has meant many things. Freeing the “Mind” is addressed in Jacob Needlemen’s book What is God?  (p. 22) where he quotes Zen master,Takuan (1573–1645) writing about Zen and swordsmanship on the transition into a more embodied being, and to the integration of mind and body:

The thing is … to let it [the mind] fill up the whole body, let it flow throughout the totality of your being. When this happens you use the hands when they are needed, you use the legs or the eyes when they are needed, and no time or extra energy will be wasted… When the mind fills up the body entirely, it is said to be right … The right mind is equally distributed over the body… The mind is not to be treated like a cat tied to a string. The mind must be left to itself, utterly free to move about according to its own nature. Not to localize or partialize it is the end of spiritual training. When it is nowhere it is everywhere.  When it occupies one tenth, it is absent in the other nine tenths. Let the swordsman discipline himself to have the mind go on its own way, instead of deliberately trying to confine it somewhere.

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