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Peek inside the new MysticHeartWheel on Initiations!

Sending out love.

July-August is like my finals week, only way more fun.
I show up for InterPlay and family. One week is birthday week with my Leo’s Stephen, Katie, Dad, and Dan. In addition, I often get upgrades on visionary assignments for the upcoming year. Whew!

After a wonderful time with the Art and Social Change for Millennial Teacher at InterPlay, I am prepping to lead people to Play in the Edinburgh Fringe. Life Dream!

In the meantime, the wheel turns and so does the MysticHeartWheel where art meets wisdom.

I’m grooving on this quote! “Mysticism is the highest reach for wisdom.”
Therefore, I am pleased to offer wisdom from the hidden monastery in

Mystic Initiations: Art. Dance. Design

Hear a Song about Life dedicated to Myatri by InterPlayer Sampoorna:

donna fromm•Art “Thoughts Blowing Through My Head by Donna Fromm

•Blessing for Design
Efforts: Harriet Platts

•The Seed by Anonymous

•A VideoPrayer by Cynthia Winton-Henry, Soyinka Rahim

• Paint Swatch

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