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How to get your “Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.”

Hi there.

I get enews from Spirituality & Practice Co-directors Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat and just downloaded their gift, The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy. Like them I am one who “practices in the world’s religious communities, embracing the experiences of the spiritual life that reveal the unity of all religions and paths.

It’s quite refreshing to see their beautiful e-book, The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy . . . the letters you need to know to read the world spiritually and to spell meaning in daily life. There are different everyday practices for each letter.

I am so pleased that the letters include










and X  MARKS the spot for Mystery!


The PRACTICES ARE the wisdom!  All work with Mystic Tech.

If you’d like to share in the wider interconnected wonder web of technology with them Click here  to receive the free Download — and  to join their e-newsletter list (if you aren’t already on it).

P.S. I am just back from Scotland where the folk ways are strong. Everyone seems to be in a choir. I am grateful to practice InterPlay and find ways to meet and build creative, mystical connections across lands and people!

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