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Grumpy Grateful Full Moon

Full Moons and Equinoxes sound so romantic.  All I know is that “Undertows happen.” Pulls and pushes and the power oIMG_7839f the “invisibles” as one Mystic Techer calls them.

One of us is practicing, “Choose Your Hard,”  another is sliding by on the Mystic power of “Less is More!” Another remembers hearing that there is more depression during the equinoxes.

All I know is that when shifts happen my sensitivities get acute. I need more time and space. Thank Heaven when they are granted!

All that being said, I am still totally grateful to notice and to play in the moonshine.  How bout you is it a grumpy or grateful moon?

Here’s some cues from one of my favorite Time Keepers:Li.

Looking up at the Fullness of the Moon and feeling your connection with those you love, who might be far away watching the same bright Moon, you’re participating in tonight’s Chinese Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. A fitting way to move from Moon 2 ~ the Moon of Relatedness into Moon 3 ~ the Moon of Motion…Can you feel things getting moving? There’s an energy and impetus these days. Let it roll…

Positive momentum comes from engaging with what calls out to be attended to…

The Autumn Equinox rides in on the Wind wave as the Unseen breezing through our lives, whispering messages in the rustling of trees. Breathe in. Listen. Breathe out. So too, what we sing, and say, sets things in motion, soon to come into form.

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